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New Techart refinement for the Porsche Cayenne

New Techart refinement for the Porsche Cayenne
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W as has a company that deals with Does luxury couches have to do with cars? Well, if it were a Porsche 911 GT derivative, then a company like Rolf Benz might design seating for the staff in the racetrack box. But the vehicle refiner Techart and the furniture design company mentioned have teamed up for another project: The current Porsche Cayenne is receiving intensive treatment. “Modifications are no longer just about rims and power. We must also look to the future; and if the cars drive autonomously, who wouldn't want to sit on a luxury sofa? ”says Techart press spokesman Maximilian Balázs with a smile. But before we devote ourselves to the unusual company liason, let's first look at the more classic aspects of this vehicle revision.

If you see this front in the rearview mirror, you probably involuntarily activate the turn signal on the right.

Of course you can already see from the outside that this is no longer a production model. A two-part front spoiler, but above all the sinewy carbon fiber bonnet with its two air inlets, leave no doubt that this is not an off-the-shelf Cayenne. At the rear, Techart installed a new apron with diffuser, a roof spoiler and a sharp tear-off edge on the trunk lid. Incidentally, the said diffuser can also be removed if the optional trailer hitch is required. So if you like to bring your green waste to the recycling center at the weekend with 640 hp, you don't have to worry about the functionality of your vehicle. The question arises as to how a trailer with 22-inch rims in a multi-spoke design would belook like? Probably not, but the new Formula Vs are good for the Cayenne.

Cayenne Turbo padded

That even the basic models, like the Cayenne Turbo 9Y0 here, are not exactly out of the last hole in terms of performance whistling is no longer an argument in the tuning industry. That is why the Techart SUV has 90 extra horsepower and 130 extra Newton meters (900 Nm in total) on board. The upholstered V8 pushes the upholstered Cayenne to 100 km /h in just 3.7 seconds and then up to 300 km /h. The corresponding crescendo is played by the four-pipe stainless steel exhaust system with titanium pipes, carbon jackets and valve control. But we already knew that the gentlemen from Leonberg knew how to dramatically stage a car.

Brand new is top interior equipment, called 'Techart Interieur Rolf Benz'. How can you imagine that when a company that otherwise designs luxury sofas now cooperatively lays hands on a car? Just like a luxury sofa. In addition to leather, natural new wool is used. 'The fabric consists of three thick threads and therefore also has a three-dimensional structure,' explains Techart designer Thorsten Stroda. This not only creates living room flair in terms of its feel and appearance, it also muffles the acoustics at library level. There are also many small details, such as color-coordinated piping, threads and lacquered surfaces. The color should also create a harmonious picture, which is why the two-tone exterior paintwork in black and champagne was coordinated with the Rolf Benz interior. Techart wants to add more color combinations, the color spectra of blue, black and white and gray and anthracite are planned. “We specify the interior as a composition, the individual parts are not configurable. When it comes to the exterior paintwork, however, we only give a recommendation, ”reveals Stroda. What would you have to invest for it? Well, so much manual labor is difficult to pack into a standardized price, but including the Cayenne Turbo base vehicle, you will be able to move around 350,000 euros.


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