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New SUV registrations October 2012: Off-roaders defy the crisis

Hans-Dieter Seufert
New SUV registrations October 2012
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In the course of the year there are exactly 386,753 SUVs or an increase of 19.7 percent compared to the first ten months of last year . This ratio means second place just behind the minis with a 20.0 percent increase.

VW Tiguan dominates the SUV segment with new registrations

VW is at the top of the segment Tiguan set. The compact SUV had 5,147 registrations in October, which is an increase of 43.6 percent compared to October 2011. The Nissan Qashqai (2,566 registrations) and the Ford Kuga (2,453) follow in second and third place. The latter, however, has a very high rate of commercial approvals of 82.9 percent. It looks similar with the newcomer Opel Mokka. The small SUV combines 531 registrations but also a commercial quota of 85.7 percent.

A look at the bottom of the SUV registrations should scare Citroen. Two customers opted for the C-Crosser in October. Land Rover did better this month. Only the Freelander is weak, all other series report a clear plus. A Methuselah is surprisingly strong in the SUV sector: Volvo's XC 70. Unchanged in the range for over five years, the Swede is celebrating strong growth.

Audi wins duel against BMW

The Bayern duel clearly went to Ingolstadt in October: Audi is pleased with the strong growth rates for Q3 (plus 262 percent) and Q5 (plus 60 percent ), while all four BMW X models show a double-digit minus compared to October last year. However, a look at Korea shows that the premium providers do not divide the market among themselves: Hyundai iX35: 135 percent up. Kia Sportage: 53 percent more. Together, the Hyundai /Kia group was able to sell 3,722 SUVs in Germany in October, niche was once.


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