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New SUV registrations in September: endless growth

Achim Hartmann
New SUV registrations in September 2015
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W he is waiting for the SUV boom to end, will have to wait a long time. The off-road vehicle segment grew by a whopping 43.2 percent in September compared to the same month last year. Off-roaders are thus primarily responsible for the overall growth in new car registrations in September 2015. These increased by +4.8 percent to 272,479 vehicles registered for the first time, 53,209 of which were off-road vehicles and SUVs.

Some SUVs no longer included

Some models that sold quite reasonably last September are no longer included in the statistics. Chevrolet Trax, Fiat Sedici, Land Rover Freelander have completely disappeared from the table, and there are no longer actively marketed discontinued models such as the Suzuki Grand Vitara or the Jeep Compass. And vehicles that are currently in the process of changing models are actually a burden on the sales statistics. For example, the BMW X1, usually a constant top ten aspirant, which slams on the brakes because of the generation change in September - minus 94.2 percent.

A closer look at the table reveals two reasons for this huge Plus noticeable: new additions and obvious sales. While established off-roaders are in constant demand and are also recording satisfactory growth rates, some new models can show rapid growth. The best example is the new, compact Honda HR-V, which rose from six new registrations in the previous month to 359 in September.

New SUV registrations at VW are particularly strong

First and foremost However, there are models from the Volkswagen Group that boast spectacular growth rates. Audi Q7: +264 percent. Porsche Cayenne: +222 percent. VW Touareg: +204 percent. And above all the industry leader VW Tiguan. Its registration numbers increase compared to September 2014 'only' by 91 percent, but here it is the sheer mass of vehicles. 6,254 Tiguan were assigned a license plate for the first time in September.

Since it cannot be assumed that entire hordes of buyers have stormed the Group's sales rooms at once, another assumption is made: pushed sales via special models, daily registrations, rental car deals, to empty the warehouse. The proportion of new commercial registrations for the VW Tiguan in September was around 64 percent, in spring this proportion was still below 40Percent.

A similar effect should be seen in the surprise of the month. With the number of registrations more than doubling compared to September 2014, the Hyundai iX 35 /Tucson in second place in the statistics, and here too the number of commercial registrations was extremely high: only 20 percent of the new iX 35 /Tucson in September were registered by private buyers, compared to the spring around 60 percent.

We will show you the exact sales figures and placements of the new SUV registrations in August 2015 in our photo show.


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