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New SUV registrations in March 2013: SUVs defy the crisis

Achim Hartmann
New SUV registrations March 2013
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I In the first quarter of the year, the manufacturers were able to generate a total of 106,935 Book new registrations. Exactly 53,882 for off-road vehicles and 53,053 for SUVs - since the beginning of the year the Federal Motor Transport Authority has reported two vehicle segments.

Nissan Qashqai leads the SUV in the registration statistics

In March, the Nissan Qashqai with 3,684 models takes first place among SUVs that are only supposed to have an off-road character. Compared to the same month last year, however, the Japanese had to accept a minus of 29.3%. Similarly, with 29.2% in the red, the BMW X1 is in 3rd position with 2,250 new registrations. And second place? This is where the new Opel Mokka can take its place and get 2,314 new registrations - the model has only been on the market since August 2012.

If you look at the 1st quarter of the SUV, the Nissan remains in 1st Position, followed by the X1 and the Skoda Yeti. Mocha has to be satisfied with 4th place. With 4,616 models it beats the Hyundai IX 35 by one model.

VW Tiguan is the undisputed off-road vehicle

With 5,799 models, the VW Tiguan is the undisputed number one among all-terrain vehicles. In the case of the Wolfsburg, the changes compared to March 2012 with only minus 5% are quite small. It is different with the direct competitors. The Audi Q3 has 2,070 newly registered models and has to accept a minus of 10.8%., The BMW X3 has 1,973 new registrations and struggles with minus 32.0%.

Tiguan and Q3 in 1st and 2nd place, however, is occupied by the Audi Q5. The top 3 places can all increase compared to the first quarter of 2012 (Tiguan + 1.3%, Q3 + 1.2%, Q5 + 11.7%).

New registrations from Land Rover are big in the plus

The 'niche models' were also buzzing in the first quarter. Above all with the Range Rover, the flagship is selling so well in the new generation that the waiting time has now risen to a year. 130% growth in the first quarter and better sales than the Land Rover Discovery and Freelander. Subaru can bring in a solid plus with the XV, March also went really well for Mercedes G and GL.

In our photo show you will find the exact numbers and placements of the SUV andNew SUV registrations in Germany.

Note on the registration numbers : Since the beginning of 2013, the KBA has been distinguishing between 'SUV' and 'SUV'. In our opinion, this is not practical, as the Lada Niva, for example, is listed as an 'SUV' and the VW Tiguan as an 'off-road vehicle'. The reason for this is the sole use of the type approval. According to KBA, what has been typed by the manufacturer with the M1G key will in future be an off-road vehicle. In view of the models represented in this new class, such as the BMW X6 or Volvo XC60, one can be quite divided on this. For this reason, we will continue to make a listing according to the entire SUV and SUV market.


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