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New SUV registrations August 2016: Germany's most popular SUV

Eugeni Sunyer
New SUV registrations August 2016
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H high summer, holidays, finally bathing weather. Not really good conditions for buying a car. But with an increase of over eight percent compared to last August, the registration offices had a lot to do with. Private buyers in particular accessed considerably more often than in the same month of the previous year. Of course, the off-roaders once again missed the rest, the off-road vehicles achieved a pleasurable +34.6 percent increase in August. 54,642 new registrations in August 2016 were SUVs and off-road vehicles, out of a total of 245,076 new vehicles that received a license plate for the first time.

Toyota strong in August

Was it because of the summer break for dealers of German premium brands or in particularly busy shipping traffic from the Far East? In any case, the table was shaken unusually violently in August. Toyota sold over 1,000 RAV4s in just one month, an increase of 117 percent, leaving a number of German bestsellers far behind. The RAV4 were delivered almost exclusively to private buyers - a dream result.

The growth of the compact Jeep Renegade, which among other things overtook the BMW X3, which is usually far ahead on the right, and is directly behind the Toyota bestseller, was even stronger queues. At the bottom of the table, however, puzzled faces, because two candidates who had long been written off were back in the KBA statistics - the Opel Antara and the Chevrolet Trax. The dead live longer ...

The Bentley is coming

Quickly alive, on the other hand, is a fat hum who drove his head high into the ranks of the ranks, the Bentley Bentayga appears in the KBA statistics for the first time on. A decidedly smaller and more reasonable addition stunned in August. The Kia Niro, which was registered for the first time in July, managed almost 240 new registrations this time, a top figure for a hybrid. The high number of commercial registrations for Niro also makes it clear that many demonstrators were given license plates for the first time.

At the top of the table, you guessed it, everything was the same. The VW Tiguan marches ahead, +117 percent compared to August 2015. But that's nothing at all against the BMW X1. It was able to achieve four times the number of new registrations than a year before - although that was of course the previous discontinued model at the time.

We show the exact sales figures and placements of the new SUV registrations in August 2016 You inour photo show.


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