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New SUV registrations 06/2016: Germany's most popular SUV

Eugeni Sunyer
New SUV registrations July 2016
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M inus characters wherever you look. In the July list of new registrations, among the “normal” cars, only the small cars manage to save themselves from the red with a mini growth of +0.9 percent. Otherwise gloomy prospects. In the case of the vans and the upper class, it is more than 30 percent in the basement, which is a record this month. A total of 278,866 cars were registered for the first time in July, which is a decrease of -3.9 percent compared to the same month last year.

That applies, you guessed it, of course not for the boom SUV segment, which is also in double-digit growth this month. +18.1 percent compared to July 2015. An additional 58,814 off-road vehicles and SUVs hit the road in July.

More hybrid SUVs

This month's new SUV is from Korea, and is driving for the first time the new Kia Niro in the registration statistics. Still a bit cautious, because the official start of sales is not until September. Until then, the new registrations of the compact hybrid crossover are primarily demonstration vehicles.

The current king of numbers at Jeep is also compact. After the brand suffered a slight slack in the first half of the year, things are now on the upswing thanks to the Renegade. The Renegade, built in Italy, more than doubled over the previous year. At Lexus, too, it is an SUV that has increased sales by an impressive 83 percent: The hybrid SUV Lexus NX was the brand's best-selling model in July.

BMW, Renault and Mazda are strong

The German premium manufacturers are also looking forward to strong growth, albeit at a correspondingly higher level. The BMW X1 and the Mercedes GLE, in particular, have made big leaps compared to last July, and Q3 sales at Audi have risen sharply. However, there are even higher profits with two importers. Mazda with the CX-3 (+ 208%) and the Renault Kadjar (+ 177%) prove to be a direct hit for the two brands.

The exact sales figures and placements of the new SUV registrations in July We show you 2016 in our photo show.

Note: The registration statistics are the official information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into the respective classes takes place via the key numberthe manufacturers. The statistics can also show models that are not available on the German market or that are no longer being built. This peculiarity can occur with the KBA statistics if e.g. foreign vehicles are registered in Germany for the first time or vehicles have a new ID number. received.


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