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New Stratos: The Stratos remains a one-off

New Stratos
New Stratos
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5 0 interested parties worldwide wanted to purchase a copy of the New Stratos. Now initiator and entrepreneur Michael Stoschek, chairman of the automotive supplier Brose, has to reject everyone. The planned small series of the Lancia Stratos successor will not be launched.

Ferrari says no to the Stratos

The reason is in the attitude of Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa, who rejects the production of further vehicles by companies that work with Ferrari. Ferrari had already forbidden Pininfarina to produce the Stratos in small series in the summer of 2011.

In the course of the past year, the Stratos initiators said they had negotiated with various small series manufacturers outside of Italy, but found that it was hardly possible is to transfer the know-how gained during the construction of the one-off at Pininfarina to other companies: While the chassis and body data are completely in CAD, there are numerous details in assembly and finish that are only stored in the minds of a few highly qualified employees at Pininfarina .

As a licensor, however, you don't want to risk that more vehicles will be built at a lower quality level. Therefore, it has now been decided to cancel the planned small series.


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