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New start for Seat in China as an electric car brand

New start for Seat in China
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By the itte 2017, the Volkswagen Group will start of a joint venture with the Chinese automaker JAC. Both companies hold 50 shares in JAC-Volkswagen, the term of the joint venture is set for 25 years. The core of the company is the development and production of electric cars for the Chinese mass market.

At least the development of the first model went very quickly, as the patent filings for the body design show.

Also Small SUVs are the big hit in China

The new electric car serves the city SUV class, which is also popular in China, and is based on an existing JAC model, the iEV7S. Judging by the pictures, the car corresponds to the JAC, right down to details such as the window line with the kink in the rear, only at the front and rear there are changes in the line.

Here the still nameless model is no coincidence to the Spanish Volkswagen subsidiary Seat. After an unsuccessful attempt with the Leon FR to establish the brand as a dynamic import alternative in China, JAC and Volkswagen media reports wanted the Seat brand to celebrate a new market launch for the new electric cars.

After the authorities probably opened Passed a Chinese name, the translation of Seat is now used: Xiyate. The brand logo should largely correspond to the Seat-S. Corresponding recesses for the emblem can also be found on the front and rear of the JAC electric clone.

280 kilometers range

Details of the technology installed in the car are also available for the JAC iEV7S, which is already available only sparse to learn. Its electric motor has an output of 85 kW and offers a maximum torque of 270 Newton meters. The maximum speed is, in accordance with the speed limit of 120 km /h on Chinese motorways, 130 kilometers per hour. The iEV7S should be able to travel 280 kilometers on one battery charge. The price is around 26,500 euros before the deduction of regionally different subsidies and bonuses.

The Chinese government has set an electric car quota that will apply from 2019 in what is now the largest single market for many manufacturers. Alternatively powered cars must account for up to 10 percent of the sales and production volume of a brand.

The new brand from JAC and Volkswagen will concentrate fully on the Chinese home market, export to other Asian markets or even to Europe is notplanned.


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