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New sports car registrations in March 2015: Spring high for sports cars

Hans-Dieter Seufert
New sports car registrations March 2015
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D he February was a bad month for them Sports car in Germany. On the other hand, the uphill climb in March 2015 is all the more steep. One could say: The sporty vehicles have shifted from third to sixth gear and rushed into the fleets of private men and tradespeople with a lot of flavor.

Positive first quarter

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), a total of 323,039 new cars were registered last month. The sports car segment accounted for 5,297 vehicles, which corresponds to a share of 1.6 percent. To put it into perspective: In February 2015, only 2,337 sports cars in Germany received a new license plate (total: 223,254).

Compared to the same month last year, the sports car segment increased by 13.5 percent. Due to the big plus in March 2015, the sports cars ended the first quarter with an increase of 2.2 percent. A total of 10,262 new athletes were registered.

Audi TT drives to the top

The Audi TT moved into first place in March. The Ingolstadt-based company recorded 1,083 new registrations. Closely behind was the Porsche 911 with 1,041 registrations. The Mercedes E-Class Coupé had to be content with third place (694), which KBA classifies as a sports car.

The Mercedes SLK (692) just missed the podium. The other positions within the top 10 were occupied by Porsche Boxster (279), BMW Z4 (265), Jaguar F-Type (164), Mercedes AMG GT (141), Mercedes SL (128) and Porsche Cayman (98).

You can find all new registrations in the KBA sports car segment in our photo show.


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