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New sports car registrations in January 2012: Sports models off to a good start

Hans-Dieter Seufert
New sports car registrations in January 2012
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A n the top of the sports car segment is the E-Class Coupé from Mercedes with 535 models registered for the first time. This is also followed by a model with a star in the radiator - the Mercedes SLK. The little athlete had 511 new registrations in January. However, the air between second and third place is very thin. A total of eight vehicles behind, the number 3 is the Porsche 911 - the market launch of the new 911 certainly did the rest.

Sports car. New registration in January: BMW Z4 with growth

However, one of the biggest increases was achieved by BMW. With the Z4, 407 newly registered vehicles are in fourth place in the statistics. In December 2011 there were only 117 models. A sports car from Germany also occupies fifth place: With 175 new registrations, the Audi TT was able to outperform the first importer model - the Peugeot RCZ.

Unusually worthwhile for sports cars that always want to be ahead take a look at the other end of the registration statistics. In last place was a Porsche Carrera GT, which was registered by a lucky owner. In January 2012, two car buyers each treated themselves to a Lotus Elise, an Aston Martin Virage, an Aston Martin Rapide and an Aston Martin DB9. A Wiesmann Roadster went over the counter three times, just as often the Nissan GT-R, the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Lamborghini Aventador and the Aston Martin V12. You can see all other placements in the sports car segment in our photo show.


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