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New sports car registrations: Down in August 2021

New registrations in the sports car segment will also be weak in August 2021. A total of only 1,581 sports cars were registered for the first time in the reporting month.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg recorded 193,307 new car registrations in August 2021 and 1,820,589 new registrations in the first eight months of 2021. This means that the registration rate in August is minus 23.0 percent, compared to the annual figure 2.5 percent up. The sports car segment, however, is doing a lot worse.

Sports car share in 2021 at a very low level

While the sports car statistics achieved an increase of 13.7 percent in May with just over 3,200 models, sales collapsed again in the summer months of June and July. 3,182 sports cars were sold in June 2021, the market share fell from 1.4 to 1.2 percent. In July, the rate fell again to 2,878 newly registered sports cars. The market share remained at 1.2 percent. Well, things continue to go down in August: 1,581 sports cars mean a further decline – also to a market share of just 0.8 percent. The annual statistics after the first eight months show 20,327 sports cars, the 21er market share is 1.1 percent, the decline compared to the same period last year is 13.9 percent.

While the leader in the segment was still in four figures in May, the 911 from Porsche has grown from 682 models in June to 868 models in July. Then in August the crash to second place with only 280 newly registered 911s. Compared to the overall decline of 38.1 percent in the sports car segment as of August 2020, the decline for Porsche is 42.6 percent - the share in this segment is only 17.7 percent.

Ferrari F8 on the winning road, BMW i8 is the August loser

The new leader is the BMW Z4. Again, first place doesn't mean glory. With 282 newly registered models, the Munich company beats the Stuttgarter by two cars, but the Z4's decline is also 32.7 - the market share at 17.8 percent. Third place in this segment goes to the Audi TT, which secures a market share of 14.8 percent with a modest 234 new registrations.

Among the winners in this bad sports car month are the Ferrari F8 (62 registrations) with growth of 106.7 percent, the Jaguar F-Type with plus 25.6 percent (49 registrations) and the Mercedes E-Class Coupé with 21.0 percent growth (190 new registrations). The losers are BMW i8 (- 92.0%, 2 registrations), Porsche Cayman (- 78.1%, 23 registrations) and Ford Mustang (- 68.5%, 93 registrations).

Note: The registration statistics are the official information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into the respective classes is based on a key number via the manufacturer. Models that are not available on the German market or that are no longer built can also appear in the statistics. This peculiarity can occur in the KBA statistics if, for example, foreign vehicles are registered in Germany for the first time or vehicles receive a new identification number.


The sports cars remain a small, exclusive club and cannot keep up with the increase in May in June, July and August. The sports cars finish significantly worse than the market as a whole.


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