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New sports car registrations August 2015

Achim Hartmann
New sports car registrations August 2015
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D he sports cars cannot be braked any longer. After May, June and July, the Federal Motor Transport Authority recorded the fourth positive month in a row in August. The authority reported a total of 3,127 newly registered sports cars in Germany. Which corresponds to a growth of 35.8 percent compared to the same month last year. According to KBA, 30,878 sports cars should have received a new badge in the first eight months of the year.

Ford Mustang jumps onto the podium

In contrast to the previous months, the usual ones were no longer available in August 2015 three on the pedestal. The Mercedes E-Class Coupé (362 new registrations) had to be content with fourth place. The Benz is one of the losers of the past month. Compared to the previous year, the E-Class Coupé lost 37.7 percent.

Instead, a legend climbed onto the podium. The Ford Mustang got off to a good start in July with 196 registrations, in August the muscle car increased to 374. Only the Audi TT, which took the top position, and the Porsche 911 received more new registrations. In the case of the Audi there were 644, the 911 booked 456.

The Jaguar F-Type and Mercedes SLK (156 each) shared fifth place. Behind them was the Porsche Boxster (154). In front of the Audi R8. The mid-engine sports car was registered 108 times in August. All are accounted for by commercial owners. The top 10 are rounded off by Peugeot RCZ (83) and Porsche Cayman (82).

In our photo show we have prepared the new registrations in the sports car segment for August 2015 for you.


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