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New sport auto 9/2018: 911 GT3 RS in the super test

sport auto
New sport car 9/2018
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Do you sometimes long to go back to the past? In the olden days things had a certainty and durability and uniqueness. Sports car manufacturers, for example, did what their name suggested: they built sports cars. Today, however, the sports car manufacturers are luxury brands, and because expansion and growth is the credo of the modern economy, they have to open up new business areas in order to deliver the due profit.

First they did the obvious: They diversified their vehicle range, Porsche was the pioneer here. First there was an SUV, then a limousine, then a second SUV, and soon there might be a second limousine, then an electric car, then another electric car. How do you explain this to the hardcore old customers? Without a sedan and SUV, there would be no Porsche today - and therefore no 911 either. Point. End of discussion. Get over it, mate!

One-make cup with Lamborghini Urus

The upside-down world would come to a head if sports car manufacturers stopped making sports cars, and I have the stupid feeling that even this could be an option. Before that happens, we're going to have to get used to another twisted world variant. Sports car manufacturers are breaking into completely new areas and producing the most absurd things: Porsche muesli, Lamborghini toilet paper, Corvette hats, McLaren kitchens, Aston Martin prams. The latter are already available for purchase in the brand's gadget shop in London ... It gets really perfidious when sports car manufacturers start sending their non-sports cars - I insist on the choice of words - onto the racetrack and finally entering the sports car world to overthrow deep despair.

It was only a matter of time, and now it has happened: In July, Lamborghini canceled its plans to build a GTE racing car based on Le Mans regulations. Instead - please buckle up and hold on - the Italians are now planning to launch a brand cup with the Urus SUV from 2020. What else can I say? Perhaps that these follies could eventually take revenge? That sounds a lot like: I know better, you'll see that you're falling on the face with it. We said that about the Cayenne back then, it isn'tentered.

Not yet. When gods touch the earth, they are no longer gods. So one day the desirable factor could be buried under the 22-inch skin of a Urus SUV.

Enjoy reading our new issue,

Your Marcus Schurig

Topics in sport auto 9/2018

Tests & driving reports

  • New driving fun star: In the Alpine A110 hit 252 hp at 1,100 kilos. First test by the retro Frenchman
  • Competition models from M2 and M5: This is how the new top athletes of the two series drive
  • The perfect 911? Supertest of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS with 520 HP naturally aspirated engine
  • Comparison of driving fun: Searching for the with BMW, Porsche, Lotus, Jaguar and AMG true values ​​
  • Monster Audi from Abt: The RS 6-E 1000 combines the electric motor and V8 engine to produce 1,018 hp. Driving report
  • Bentley on the racetrack: Panamera genes should make the new Continental GT legs. Test
  • Refreshed Audi: For the 20th TT birthday, the S model was given a lift. Date on the Isle of Man
  • Record breaker in the driving report: Exclusive track test of the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in Vallelunga
  • Open BMW i8: Driving report of the 374 hp roadster version of the hybrid sports car
  • Vanquish successor: more power, more downforce and more riot. First meeting with the Aston Martin DBS
  • Model upgrade for the AMG C 63: The 510 hp S model with traction control in the track test
  • Powerplus for the AMG GT: Tuning test of the Performmaster solution with 612 hp

Technology, report & advice

  • DriftChallenge in Hockenheim: The big cross-driving competition in flashback
  • Used sports cars: VW Golf IV and VR 32
  • Nürburgring Drift Cup: 60 starters gathered for the third run. This is how the matter ended


  • Formula 1 story: case study on the decline of the two Formula 1 heavyweights Williams and McLaren
  • IndyCar series: IndyCar has completed its roadmap for the technical overhaul of the series
  • Rally sport: The GT class for rally cars has gently fallen asleep. Will she be kissed awake now?
  • World Rally Championship: The world championship title duel between Sébastien Ogier and Thierry Neuville comes to a head
  • 24h race Spa: The most important GT3 race ended with the Surprise victory for the Walkenhorst team
  • Race analysis of the 24h race in Spa: All the race data for the 24h classic in Spa including analysis
  • Comment: Marcus Schurig on the manufacturers' poor encouragement for the new LMP1 class from 2020
  • ADAC GT Masters: Background feature for the fourth round of the seasonat the Nürburgring
  • IMSA championship: How are the Americans reacting to the LMP1 plans for the sports car world championship?

Cars in sport auto 9/2018

  • Abt-Audi RS 6-E 1000
  • Alpine A110
  • Aston Martin Cygnet V8
  • Aston Martin DBS Superleggera
  • Audi PB 18 e-tron
  • Audi TTS
  • Bentley Continental GT
  • BMW i8 Roadster
  • BMW M2 Competition
  • BMW M4 Competition
  • BMW M5 Competition
  • Jaguar F-Type SVR
  • Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
  • Lotus Exige Sport 410
  • McLaren 600LT
  • Mercedes-AMG C 63 S
  • Mercedes-AMG E 63 S
  • Performmaster Mercedes -AMG GT
  • Porsche 911 Carrera T
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  • Renault Mégane RS Trophy
  • VW Golf IV R32
  • VW Golf V R32

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The new edition of sport auto is also available digitally. The single edition costs 3.99 EUR and is offered one day before the print edition appears.

+++ You can download our new issue order online here +++


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