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New registrations Top 50 July 2021: BMW 3 Series crashes the VW party

Sure, VW dominates at the front. Nevertheless, things are more colorful than usual in the top 50 new registrations in August. Suddenly, models appear in unusual positions.

"Runs for VW!" This impression is gained by taking a quick look at the new registration statistics for the month of August. You are not completely wrong, after all, the Golf is still stoically enthroned at the top, four Wolfsburg are in the top five and five VW models are in the top ten. Many other VW series and Group models are also knocking on the door to gain admission to the illustrious circle of top positions. And we don't want to hide the fact that the ID.3 not only took a sensational fifth place, but also won the prestigious approval duel against the Tesla Model 3.

But not even in the VW Group is everything running smoothly in the course of the summer dip, which was very pronounced this time. Even the front runner is a good example: 7,554 new registrations is a pretty bad value for the Golf, which is almost at lockdown level. Twelfth place for the Polo isn't exactly a brilliant achievement either. In addition, the descent of the Passat continues. Normally a clear top five candidate, the standard meter for the middle class has now reached position 18 in August (see table) after tenth place in the previous month.

Weak month for the middle class

In general: Are we currently experiencing the final decline of this segment that was so popular in Germany not so long ago? Because other representatives of this type of vehicle also experience violent crashes. For example the Audi series A6 (from 14th to 29th place) and A4 (from 27th to 44th place). The Mercedes C-Class slips really hard. Under normal circumstances, easily found in the top ten, the Swabian ended up 17th place (July) via the intermediate station, now just about 50th in this ranking. It is fair to say that the series is currently in the middle of a model change. Nevertheless, the middle class must show that it still has the known strength as soon as the company car business and, as a result, the overall market pick up again.

In addition to the third-placed BMW 3 Series, which is doing better than it has been for a long time, the importers are providing some colorful lights in the big shadow. First and foremost Tesla: The Californians, with the Model 3 not even in the top 50 in July, were able to place their mid-range model in seventh place in August. The Hyundai Kona (11th place), the Mitsubishi Space Star (16th place), the Toyota Yaris (21st) and the Cupra Formentor (22nd) also performed unusually well.

Tight race in the top 50

Other exciting features: The Ford Kuga is stuck in position 20 – that's where it was in July. With the Opel series Corsa, Mokka and Astra as well as the Audi models Q5, A3 and A6, two brand trios are directly behind each other in places 24 to 29. And with five representatives, there are more purely electric series than ever before Top 50. At the end of the day, the rebellious Skoda Enyaq beat its technology twin VW ID.4 by one position and a narrow 48 new registrations. However, the gaps within the hit parade are generally very narrow in August - which is not unusual when the overall market is weak.


The usual VW dominance on the German car market cannot be argued away in August either. But even the Wolfsburg have to cope with a few setbacks, while some import models - if only briefly - can boast. Nevertheless, it will be exciting to see whether the two major trends of the last few months will consolidate: the rise in electric cars on the one hand and the decline in the middle class on the other.


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