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New registrations top 50 in 2021: The Golf is in front

Even if the VW Golf has often weakened over the course of the year, it still tops the annual balance of new registrations. A total of five VW make it into the top 10.

The VW Golf has shown weaknesses several times over the past year. It lost dominance in its segment in the monthly balance sheets and it repeatedly lost its top position in the overall market. However, as is well known, it is only settled at the end. In this case with the annual balance of new registrations from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Lo and behold - in the end the Golf is back at the top.

Golf remains number 1

With almost 92,000 new registrations for the year as a whole, the Primus remains well below the results from previous years. Nevertheless, it claims a lead of a good 34,000 units over the runner-up – the VW T-Roc. Just behind this, another VW SUV, the Tiguan, arrives. With the Corsa, Opel manages to continue the success story throughout the year and ends up fourth overall with the small car.

Three e-cars in the top 50

In fifth and sixth place, VW again has a double pack consisting of Up and Passat. The top 10 for the year are completed by the Mini, the BMW 3 Series, the Skoda Octavia and the Fiat 500. The powerful Tesla Model 3 manages eleventh place, just behind the Fiat, making it the best-placed electric car. As the second most powerful electric car, the VW ID.3 took 21st place. With the Renault Zoe in 28th place, there was also a third electric car in the top 50 of the year. There are also numerous cars that never stand out in the monthly results, but are constantly collecting new registrations. For example the Audi models A3, A4 and A6, the Seat Leon or the Toyota Yaris. You can see all the top 50 models in the slideshow.

VW Up takes victory in December

Let's take a quick look at the December result. Here the VW Up is at the top of the list. It is followed by the Tesla Model 3 and the VW Golf. The Opel Corsa, the Mercedes GLC and the Renault Zoe are still strong. The December top 10 will be completed by the Skoda Octavia, the Fiat 500 and the Mini. The placement of the Suzuki Vitara in 19th place and the 37th place of the Dacia Spring are remarkable,


The new registration year 2021 is over. In the end, the VW Golf asserted itself again as a bestseller in an overall weak market – albeit far less confidently than in previous years. VW made it into the top 10 with five models and three electric cars in the top 50.


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