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New registrations: The bestsellers in April 2012

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7 3.1 percent share of new registrations in its vehicle segment, this figure makes even the best-selling model in Germany, the VW Golf, look old. Because the high score in April goes to Fiat for the Ducato in the motorhome vehicle segment.

After all, 2,615 models were registered for the first time in April 2012 - 8.5 times less than the VW Golf in the compact segment. Because the Wolfsburg company was able to register 22,457 models of the Golf and Jetta for the first time in April - this corresponds to a segment share of 33.6 percent.

BMW 3 Series displaces the VW Passat

The registration statistics for April only saw changes in three positions. The BMW 3 Series took the top position from the VW Passat in the middle class. 7,907 new owners have opted for the new Bavaria, while 'only' 7,849 VW Passats have been registered. Third place in the middle class is retained by the Mercedes C-Class - a little behind with 5,962 new registrations.

But Mercedes can also top 1. After all, in April the Stuttgart-based company showed its compatriots from Porsche in the upper-class segment where the Star hangs. The S-Class is back in first place, with the CLS in tow - the Porsche Panamera remains third this month.

The third change in position is not very tragic for VW. The VW Caddy was able to push the long-term winners VW Transporter and Caravelle to second place. You can find all further detailed results in our slide show.


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