New registrations Spain 2019: Top 50

Achim Hartmann
New registrations Spain 2019
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D he Spanish new car market has only known one direction since 2012 - upwards. The first damper appeared in 2019. In the country on the Iberian Peninsula, 1,302,963 cars were newly registered, a decrease of 2.4 percent compared to the previous year.

Like almost everywhere in Europe, the boom times for diesel seem to be over in Spain. Of just under 50 percent market share in the first half of 2017, only 36.2 percent remained in 2018. In 2019 it is only 30.5 percent. Most new car buyers switch to petrol. Here the share rose from 63.0 to 68.2 percent. Electromobility does not seem to play a role in Spain. The market share only rose from 0.9 to 1.3 percent.

Spain is Peugeot Country

However, the market leader in Spain is not the local brand Seat, as was the case last year but Peugeot. The French have 113,770 new registrations, Seat is in second place with 110,857 new registrations. VW ranks behind with 94,341 models.

However, the absolute bestseller in Spain in 2019 remains the Seat Leon. The compact can combine 35,849 approvals. But in second place is not the Seat Ibiza as in 2018. No, the silver place goes to van den Dacia Sandero (33,882 registrations), third place to the Nissan Qashqai with 30,163 new registrations. Anyone who thinks that the Ibiza will follow in fourth place is wrong. In the reporting year, the Renault Clio was just ahead of the M├ęgane (25,410) with 25,555 registrations, and only then did the small Spaniard follow (25,134). The top ten are rounded off with Seat Arona (25,131), VW Golf (24,335), Peugeot 3008 (23,311) and Opel Corsa (22,352).

For the first time, German Premium comes in 32nd with the Mercedes A-Class instead of. Behind them is the BMW X1 in 41st place. The Audi A3 is four places further. The Audi A1 comes in 49th.


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