New registrations September 2021

For September 2021, the Federal Motor Transport Authority noted 196,972 new car registrations, 25.7 percent fewer than in the same month last year. Only nine brands bring in a positive monthly result. In the annual balance sheet so far, the bold increases are almost exclusively in the balance sheets of the electric car manufacturers.

Compared to the previous month , new car registrations may increase slightly, but they are still deep in the Corona summer slump. A total of 243,201 motor vehicles received a number plate for the first time in September. The minus here is 24.0 percent. Previous years are also provided with minus signs. After nine months, a total of 2,017,561 new cars were put on the market. 1.2 percent less than in the previous year. The total number of motor vehicles stands at 2,505,505 vehicles, down 0.3 percent.,The winners in September were DS (+ 73.8%), Lexus (+ 20.1%), Mitsubishi (+ 2.1% ), Polestar (+108.7%), Porsche (+3.9%), Smart (+23.0%), Ssangyong (+12.7%), Suzuki (+50.0%) and Tesla (+ 157.8%) count. In the annual balance, a good half of all car manufacturers are above the previous year's result. The really good numbers are for the electric car manufacturers Polestar (+ 291.9%), Smart (+ 117.9%) and Tesla (+ 131.5%). But Hyundai (+ 10.9%), Opel (+ 27.6%), Porsche (+ 11.0%) and Suzuki (+ 27.9%) are also up in double digits. Of the other German car manufacturers, only VW (+ 7.2%) and BMW (+ 1.5%) can show a positive result, all others - Audi (- 3.8%), Ford (- 29.9%) , Mercedes (- 19.9%) – below the previous year.

Luxury class in high demand

In September 2021, the luxury class was the only segment to record a positive registration result (+19.5%), its share was 1.0 percent. Vehicles from the SUV segment accounted for more than a quarter of the new registrations (27.1%/– 5.3%). The compact class comes to 17.3 percent (-38.8%). Small cars achieved a share of 16.1 percent, off-road vehicles (10.4 %/-23.3 %) and the middle class (10.1 %/-22.8 %) came to shares of more than ten percent despite the losses . The mini-vans (0.7%/– 57.5%) and the upper middle class (2.1%/– 53.0%) had to accept declines of more than 50 percent. Mobile homes were down 10.1 percent on the previous year and accounted for 2.5 percent of new registrations.

More and more e-cars

The trend towards alternative drives will continue in September 2021. New registrations for electric cars increased by 58.8 percent to 33,655 vehicles. The proportion of total registrations is already 17.1 percent. 22,842 newly registered plug-in hybrids ensure an increase of 13.5 percent and a share of 11.6 percent. The hybrid share, including plug-in hybrids, was 30.5 percent (+11.3%) of 60,159 new registrations. Accordingly, cars with combustion engines are less in demand.New registrations of petrol engines fell by 41.4 percent compared to the previous year, their share was 35.9 percent in September 2021. Only 15.9 percent of new cars come with a diesel under the hood (-53.9 percent). The proportion of newly registered gas vehicles remains modest. The KBA names 906 liquid gas cars (0.5%/+ 12.0%) and 190 natural gas cars (0.1/– 68.6%). The average CO2 emissions of the new vehicle fleet fell by 16.9 percent to 111.6 g/km.

The most important details of the new registrations September 2021:

  • Gasoline share: 35.9% (- 41.4%)
  • Diesel share: 15.97% (- 53.9%)
  • CO2 emissions : 111.6 g/km according to WLTP (- 16.9%)
  • Used market stable

    The used car market is coming up with fat minus numbers in September. In the passenger car segment, 584,562 vehicles changed owners, 12.0 percent fewer than a year ago. The September result for all motor vehicles was minus 11.2 percent. Here 674,964 models found a new owner. However, the balance sheet for the year does not look quite so bleak. In the case of passenger cars, the number of changes of ownership in the first nine months of the year totaled 5,149,864, which is only 1.8 percent below the previous year. The total used market has come to 6,042,102 changes of owner in the course of the year and is thus 1.1 percent below the previous year.,


    The new car market will not come out of the summer slump in September either. In the annual balance, however, the previous year's figures are almost reached - although these were not great. A similar picture can be seen on the used market. Only e-car manufacturers can really score.


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