New registrations segments July 2021

In July 2021 there was a change in leadership for new registrations in four segments. The winners include the BMW 3 Series, the VW Polo, the VW Touran and the Mercedes B-Class.

July 2021 washed 236,393 new cars onto our streets; 24.9 percent less than a year ago. However, not all models were equally affected by the reduced buying interest. Accordingly, the new registrations by segment in the reporting month present four new frontrunners and numerous shifts in the places.

In the small car segment, the VW Polo is impressively back at the top of the segment with strong figures. Last month's winner, the Opel Corsa, slipped down to third place and also had to let the powerful Mini pass. The VW Golf remained unchallenged at the top of the compact class in July. But the Skoda Octavia was able to overthrow the Audi A3 from the podium. Third place fell in July to the strong Kia Ceed.,

VW Passat falls behind BMW 3 Series

A bang in the middle class. The VW Passat is off the top spot on the podium. Here is the 3 Series from BMW. With a deficit of almost 900 new registrations, the Volkswagen is only in second place. The Mercedes C-Class is back in the top 3. The Tesla Model 3, which was still on the podium in June, was far behind in July with only 489 new registrations.

The Mercedes B-Class also sets an exclamation mark in the mini-vans. The Swabian is back on the top step of the podium with a clear lead. The Peugeot 3008 is only second in July. As a new third place, the Renault Scénic can push the Dacia Lodgy off the podium. The VW Touran is also back in first place among large vans. He was able to overtake the V-Class.

VW doubles the SUV lead

The SUV segment is also showing some movement in the top spots. The VW T-Roc remains in front. The new first pursuer is now the brand brother T-Cross. The Mokka from Opel is new on the podium. In the minis, the Hyundai i10 was able to climb the podium behind the VW Up and Fiat 500. The Audi A7 made the same move in the full-size segment, where it now sits behind the Mercedes S-Class and Porsche Taycan.

In the remaining segments of mobile homes, utilities, sports cars and off-road vehicles, the podium placement corresponds to the order from the previous month.,


The declining demand for new cars obviously does not hit all manufacturers and model series equally badly in July. VW can set the new leader in two segments, but loses the middle class to the BMW 3 Series.


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