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New registrations segments December 2022

There are new frontrunners in four segments, two of which are purely electric. Electric cars have also pushed their way up to other top positions.

At the end of 2022 the subsidy bonus for PHEV models expired, the one for electric cars was reduced . This affects the purchasing behavior of consumers. Many obviously preferred to buy their car in order to still get the maximum subsidy. Accordingly, in December, electric cars in particular were able to make a strong impression in the segment analysis of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). ,

Golf overhauled in-house

Among the small cars, the Fiat 500 is still at the top, with a good two-thirds of the newly registered models being delivered with an electric drive. Even in absolute figures, the Italian doesn't give the competition a chance. The all-electric Dacia Spring is stable in second place. Third place goes to the VW Up, which can again be ordered as an electric version and also accounts for the majority of orders in this drive variant.

Similar picture with the small cars. The Corsa from Opel dominates the action here - mostly with electric drive. In front of the Mini, where the same phenomenon can be observed, and the Toyota Yaris, which mainly comes to customers as a hybrid.

Bang in the compact class. The VW ID.3 passes the VW Golf by the skin of an inch – electric beats conventional drive. And the buyer's favor flushes the ID.3 brother Cupra Born to third place. ,

The electric boom continues in the more conservative middle class. Here the Tesla Model 3 pushes itself to the top again - with a sovereignty that almost degrades the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3 Series to extras.

The upper middle class, the typical company cars, remain completely unimpressed by the electric boom - BMW 5 Series in front of Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class is the order here. But even the upper class is under power again. First and foremost, the Porsche Taycan electrifies customers, followed by the Mercedes S-Class. Another electric car in third place: the Audi E-Tron GT.

Electrification dominates the SUV segment

"Electric power rules" also apply to the SUV segment. The purely electrically powered Tesla Model Y is just ahead of the Ford Kuga, which was mainly ordered with a hybrid drive. An electric model, the VW ID.4/ID.5, is just a hair’s breadth behind.

The conventionally powered VW brother Tiguan maintains its top position among off-road vehicles. The Jeep Compass, which customers mainly ordered with a hybrid drive, worked its way up to second place in December. The third place on the podium goes to the BMW X3. ,

Surprise at the sports cars. Ironically, at the end of the year, the Porsche 911 loses its dominance and clearly has to bow to the Ford Mustang. Electrified drives play no role here or there. Third place goes to the Mercedes E-Class Coupé again.

Mercedes B-Class ahead of Peugeot 3008 and Kia Soul is the unchanged ranking in the mini-vans. The large-capacity vans also go into the turn of the year in the same order as in the previous month. In the utilities, the Ford Tourneo makes it back onto the podium – behind the VW Transporter and VW Caddy.

The VW bus can also celebrate a small triumph among the motorhomes. Here he just overtakes the Citroen Jumper and is in second place behind the Ducato from the Fiat stable. ,


The December figures for new car registrations show a sharp increase in electrified models. This is likely to be due to the reduced subsidy premiums for such vehicles at the turn of the year and correspondingly early purchases. Only the following months are likely to deliver an unclouded picture of the market again.


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