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New registrations of the series June 2018

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New registrations of the series June 2018
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D he bestseller in the BMW model range is called BMW in June 2 series, although the van version and not the coupé and convertible will probably bring the crowd here. The small series pushes the 5 Series from the in-house throne, which even falls behind the 1 Series and the X1. At Audi, on the other hand, the A4 series remains in power, and the A3 series can only follow suit when it has been clearly beaten. And with the premium competitor Mercedes, the C-Class is once again most popular with buyers.

The Qashqai is back triumphantly at Nissan. With its registration result, it clearly surpasses all sister models. Mitsubishi can now rely on three strong series. Right at the front is again the small car Space Star, followed closely by ASX and Eclipse Cross. At Opel, the Corsa is just ahead of the Astra, and at Mazda, the CX-5, CX-3 and Mazda 3 are almost at eye level.

The Lexus model that stands out after new registrations remains the NX. At Land Rover, this part falls again to the Evoque. Sportage and Picanto are tied for Kia. E-Pace is the name of the new registration king at Jaguar. The sales hit parade at Hyundai comes to a head with the i20. Fiesta instead of Focus - that's the ranking of the internal sales hit parade at Ford.

The Fiat 500 is still at the top of new registrations at Fiat, closely followed by the Ducato van. In the three-way battle 308, 3008 and 2008 bei9 Peugeot was just ahead of the pack in June 2008. The clear master at Porsche is the 911, the same applies to the Octavia at Skoda and the Yaris at Toyota. At Renault, the Captur made it past the Clio. With powerful momentum, the Arona quickly moves closer to the Leon at Seat.

Only at VW does the Golf continue to stand alone in a wide hallway. It sells almost 1,500 times as well as the Scirocco.


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