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New registrations of the series April 2018

Dino Eisele
New registrations of the series April 2018
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E s is more the exception than the rule that the bestseller hierarchies shift within a model range. In April there was another change at BMW. While the BMW 2 Series was clearly a bestseller in our ranking in the previous month, the 5 Series clearly conquered this position again in April. The 2 series even fell behind the 3 series and is only just ahead of the 1 series. As an exotic item in the model range, the i8 hybrid sports car has few new registrations. Behind it is only the Z4, which has already officially disappeared from the model range.

At Volvo, the XC60 is once again the front runner in the internal new registration hit list. The small SUV has replaced the big brother XC90 as a bestseller from the previous month. The XC40, which still bears the red lantern in the model range, is still at the beginning of its career.

A change in the sales hit list at VW is virtually unthinkable. Here was and is the Golf clearly at the top of the podium. Surprisingly in second place in April is the VW T6, here the subsequent deliveries take effect after the temporary delivery stop in spring. With its sale, the VW Scirocco concludes the in-house VW hit parade.

The Fiat bestseller is actually the Ducato

The situation is similar with the VW subsidiaries Skoda and Seat. The Octavia and the Leon are dominant here. The wallflowers listen to the model names Yeti and Toledo. And at Audi, the A4 series is clearly the bestseller, while the R8 super sports car is not unexpectedly at the end of the ranking.

Citro├źn can rely on a strong C3, at Dacia the Duster is ahead of the Sandero the bestseller position consolidated. At Fiat, the greatest interest revolves around the Ducato, which we do not officially rate as a transporter. With 4,382 new registrations in April, it clearly outperforms the bestselling Fiat 500.

With a well-running 911, Porsche is once again positioning itself as a sports car brand after SUV models had dominated sales for a long time. At Opel, the Corsa has just taken over the bestseller title from the Astra. The C-Class continues to dominate at Mercedes and the Qashqai at Nissan.

You can see which series are run by the other manufacturers or not in the photo show.


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