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New registrations of electric cars April 2019: The Stromer hit parade

New registrations for electric cars April 2019
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W e had already asked us last month how long Tesla can hold out this rate. After evaluating the new registrations in April, it is clear: For the time being, there is again a more moderate pace from the USA. After more than 2,200 newly registered Model 3s in March, the American power sedan had only 514 new registrations in April. Apparently the first long-term orders have now been processed and the day-to-day business is starting slowly. However, the good business with the mid-range Tesla also has an impact on the other two models, which are currently significantly behind the previous year's figures: The Model S shows -44%, the Model X -40% compared to April 2018.

New electric car registrations April 2019

The fact that range is not everything is proven by the already quite old Peugeot Ion and Citro├źn C-Zero models, and above all by the Minis from Smart. Technically certainly no long-haul vehicles and also no real e-rockets in terms of performance, the Smart Fourfour and the cute Fortwo make it to the top of the table with over 600 units together. Inexpensive e-mobility is therefore in great demand in Germany.

A new addition with a star appears for the first time in the table of new electric car registrations in April. The Federal Motor Transport Authority reports 37 new Mercedes GLC with all-electric drive. Since the GLC is actually only electrified with plug-in hybrid technology, either the GLC F-Cell or the first factory registrations of the new Mercedes EQC, which can be ordered since the beginning of May and will be delivered from June, can hide behind it.

Now rush to the dealer and order a Mercedes EQC that costs at least 71,000 euros, but it could end with disappointment: The contingent for 2019 is probably sold out, and it doesn't look good for 2020 either. The roaming Daimler shares the fate of many other electric cars. Because the numbers could actually look a lot better if the manufacturers could deliver. The demand is there, but delivery times of often more than a year put off customers, especially Kia with the very popular e-Niro can currently hear a lot of frustration from potential customers in this regard on social networks.

Despite all the waiting, the numbers continue to rise: In April 4,768 new electric cars were registered for the first time, which means an increase of 50.4 percent compared to the previous year. For comparison: New registrations of the HEV and PHEV increased by 55 percent to 16,814 units. Since January came thisYear so far 20,669 purely electrically powered cars on German roads for the first time.


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