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New registrations of electric cars January 2023

E-mobility is taking a break, the registration numbers are rushing down. There are only significant sales at Tesla, VW and Audi.

That was a crash with an announcement: After December's all-time high for electric cars with over 100,000 new registrations, a big hole opened up in January, into which the electric cars disappeared. Only 18,136 new BEVs were registered in January, which Tesla managed almost alone in December. Correspondingly, the market share of the Stromer fell to all new registrations (179,247, a minus of -2.6%) to only 10.1 percent, while in the previous month more than 30 percent of the market share was recorded for plug-in cars.

Even compared to January 2022, which was rather weak in the previous year, this means a severe decline of 13.2 percent for the electric vehicles, of which only three models were able to record four-digit registration numbers in January. In December, 25 model series were still above the one-thousand mark. These deadweight effects before the reduction in the subsidy bonus, also triggered by many early purchases, are likely to keep us busy throughout the first half of 2023.

The distribution of places at the beginning of the year is not very meaningful for the further course of the year, but it is no less interesting. Once again Tesla is at the top of the table, this time again with the Model Y. It cannot be said that there is a strong field of pursuers, because the VW ID.4 in second place does not even reach half of the Model Y new registrations. The third-placed electric car, on the other hand, was exceptional: after the facelift and renaming, the Audi Q8 E-Tron made it to the top of the podium.

New electric car registrations January 2023

Tesla is also keeping us busy with two newcomers in January, which are actually not. For the first time again, the large Stromers Model X and Model S were able to enter the table, which have not been delivered for over a year. After the facelift, the two top versions of Tesla can now be ordered again in Germany and promptly entered the top 50, albeit with manageable numbers.

There are also a few special features to discover in January. For example the Smart brand: While the cute Smart EQ Fortwo meanders its way to seventh place in the table despite its no longer really fresh technology, the new modern Smart #1 has currently ended up in last place with five approvals, here is running However, it is still the pre-order phase . It remains to be seen how the no longer compact SUV Smart will develop over the course of the year. The same applies to the BYD Atto 3 , which competed in the same segment and which, with 49th place in January, can already set a scent mark.

Another look at the best-selling brands, which also coincide with the best-selling models in January: Tesla recorded a total of 4,241 new registrations, VW in second place was able to sell 2,532 electric cars across all model series. Third place in January 2023 goes to Audi, where three electric model series add up to a total of 2,061 new registrations.

We show you the top 50 best-selling electric cars in Germany in the picture gallery. By the way, if you would like to electrify yourself in the future: In this article we list the latest electric car leasing bargains, which are always updated.


The triumph of electric cars will be postponed for the time being. After the huge run on subsidies in December, the crash was foreseeable, from more than 100,000 new registrations to only around 18,000 within one month. The many purchases brought forward in 2022 will continue to push the market share of electric cars down for some time, and things will only pick up again noticeably in the second half of the year.


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