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New registrations of electric cars in July 2021

Growth in e-cars slowed down significantly in July. Tesla stays on the zigzag course, Wolfsburg takes the lead. All figures and information in detail.

Despite the de facto end of the corona restrictions, July did not offer good prospects on the German new vehicle market. This also applies to the boom industry with the E label, where growth rates of 300 to 400 percent were enjoyed in the previous months. In July, this increase dropped to just 52 percent. In view of the fact that the overall market has collapsed completely (- 25% compared to July 2020), this is only small consolation.

New electric car registrations in July 2021

In numbers, this means: 25,464 of the total of 236,393 new car registrations in July 2021 are vehicles with purely electric drives, which corresponds to a Stromer market share of 10.8 percent. Small cars and the compact class are once again driving the number of units sold, while the prestigious and powerful premium electric vehicles are lagging behind.

The fact that new registrations fell noticeably compared to June (when there were still 33,420 e-cars) can be seen in practically every model, sales figures fell everywhere. Once again, Tesla's Model 3 likes its role as a quarterly crasher, in June it was still radiant in 1st place, in July it was passed into the middle with only three-digit first registrations. A month earlier, almost ten times as many Model 3s came onto German roads for the first time.

Our table has three new additions to report for July and surprisingly only one of them is an SUV. The prize for the most pompous appearance naturally goes to Stuttgart, with 23 new registrations for the first time for the Mercedes EQS. Currently all factory approvals, let's see where the journey will take the electric flagship with the star. The BMW IX makes a no less stately appearance, but here with ten times the first registration rate compared to the electric S-Class. Newcomer number three, on the other hand, is modest: the new electric Opel Combo wants to be useful and practical above all, it is not so suitable as a status symbol.

Top 20 E-Cars July '21

In the front part of the table, however, the newcomers are not decisive, quite the opposite. Ironically, the VW E-Up, a discontinued model and as a classic small car not at all suitable for the Wolfsburg-based company's spirit of optimism, secured first place - ahead of the group's future ID.3. A possible changing of the guard for the small E-Up is already warming up: The Fiat 500 E is blossoming into the electric hope of the Italian brand and can also get a good result in our super test .


The slump on the German car market is also affecting electric cars. Despite the growth compared to July of the previous year, the growth rates are no longer as gigantic as they were this spring. Compared to June, new registrations in the E segment are even declining across the board. Of all things, the now outdated VW E-Up, based on a combustion engine model, takes the lead in July - ahead of all the much more modern models.


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