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New registrations November 2017: Flop 50

Karl-Heinz Augustin
New registrations November 2017
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S you have deleted him from the program and with him the hydropneumatic chassis suspension. Now the Citroën C5 is disappearing noticeably from the new registration statistics. In November, the French could only register one new registration. The Lexus RC, on the other hand, is also brand new in our statistics with just one new registration - the big sports coupé of the Japanese is still at the very beginning of its career. Presumably we will find the RC more often at the lower end of the registration statistics, as the Japanese is one of the exotic products on the German market.

Three-by-three at Rolls-Royce

Was there a triple perpetrator at Rolls-Royce? In any case, three models each of the Dawn, Ghost and Wraith models were launched in November. The appearance of the Phantom, on the other hand, is completely out of the ordinary. The top model achieved a whopping 34 new registrations, all with commercial registration. Here the market launch of the new generation is likely to deliver the performance. The Audi R8 is a conventional sports car, while the BMW i8 uses hybrid technology. With customers, the eco-athlete is again just ahead with 21 to 20 new registrations.

Tesla was able to bring 56 copies of the Model X onto the German roads, Opel only 48 from the Ampera-E, Toyota from the Prius Plus all 93. The Kia Stinger is on its way out of flop 50, with 94 new registrations in November. The limit this time was 105 vehicles and was set by the Mercedes SLC. The Porsche Cayman was just below that. Two VW models can also be found in Flop 50: Scirocco and Jetta.

Note: The registration statistics are the official information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into the respective classes is carried out by the manufacturer using a key number. The statistics can also show models that are not available on the German market or that are no longer being built. This peculiarity can occur with the KBA statistics if e.g. foreign vehicles are registered in Germany for the first time or vehicles have a new ID number. received.


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