New registrations May 2016: Top 50

Achim Hartmann
New registrations May 2016
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D he golf, golf and always golf. It is and remains the most popular car with German customers. In May it is again at the top of the registration statistics and is enthroned far above all pursuers.

Skoda Fabia is the import king

In May they are again called VW Passat and VW Polo, followed by Audi -Duo A3 and A4. The Opel Corsa, which finished 6th in May, took a step forward. The top 10 are completed by the models Mercedes C-Class, VW Touran, Opel Astra and Skoda Fabia. The little Czech also won the title of import king. Directly behind it, the first Spaniard, the Seat Leon, lands, which in turn was able to keep the Skoda Octavia behind. The BMW 2 Series in 13th place benefits primarily from the van models in the series.

The first Brit in the ranking is the Mini in 15th place. After we exclude the Fiat Ducato - which would be in 15th place with 3,815 new registrations - as a commercial vehicle from our hit list, the Fiat 500 is allowed to hold up the Italian flag in 27th place. Nissan's Qashqai is ranked 34th as the best-listed Japanese. France intervenes in 37th place with the Renault Clio, Korea in 40th place with the Hyundai Tucson. New in the top 50 is the Dacia Sandero, which landed in 47th place.


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