New registrations March 2018: Flop 50

New registrations March 2018
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M with the coming spring and the first rays of sunshine, new life is also shining in driving the sports car scene. Although models such as a BMW i8 or a Lamborghini Aventador are still not being approved, their new registrations will reach new heights in March. The Bavarian hybrid sports car and the Italian V12 Taurus each have 59 new registrations. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) even recorded 69 new registrations for a Ferrari 488 GTB in the month under review. The Nissan GT-R has also increased significantly, with 32 new registrations in March. The KBA statistics also list new olds in March. For example, a Ferrari 458 was given a German license plate for the first time, as was a Ferrari 599 GTO.

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With a view to its end of sale, the Hyundai Veloster also only achieved one new registration. From the Vanquish, which is about to change models, Aston Martin was also only able to accommodate 2 copies on the German market. VW still managed to get 12 Scirocco to the customer, 13 buyers were found for the Jetta. Both models are also in sale mode.

Almost all models from the Infiniti range do not go beyond their exotic status on the German market. The QX30 has 5 new registrations, the Q50 has 6, the Q60 has 11, the QX70 has 18 and the Q30 has 22 registrations. The small series manufacturer Alpina is also represented with numerous models in the Flop 50. Likewise, the Citroën luxury subsidiary DS, Cadillac, Rolls-Royce or the Toyota subsidiary Lexus.

You can see all models that are at the lower end of new registrations in March in our photo show.


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