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New registrations in October 2010: October clearly in the red

New registrations in October 2010
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D he number of new registrations totaled 291,848 vehicles in October, 16.8 percent below the same month last year. Cumulative over the first ten months of the year, total registrations of 2,813,794 vehicles are 23.8 percent below the same period of the previous year. With a total of 2,423,627 cars, registrations are 26.8 percent below the previous year.

Only Jaguar /Land Rover can grow

As in the previous months, October also knows very few winners. With an increase of 36.5 percent after ten months over the previous year, Land Rover is brilliant, but completely alone. The sister brand Jaguar, which has so far achieved an increase of 11.0 percent in 2010, also made gains. BMW (minus 0.1 percent), Mercedes (minus 1.7 percent), Porsche (minus 1.0 percent) and Nissan /Infiniti (plus 0.6 percent) are very close to the previous year's result. At minus 6.7 percent, the premium brand Audi is currently still well below the previous year's result.

There was double-digit decline for Opel (minus 37.1 percent), VW (minus 24.9 percent), Ford (minus 34 percent) and Fiat (minus 54.4 percent). The French from Citroen (minus 34.5 percent), Peugeot (minus 38.2 percent) and Renault /Dacia (minus 34.5 percent) had to give up a lot. It doesn't look any better with the Japanese: Honda (minus 36.3 percent), Mazda (minus 26.1 percent), Mitsubishi (minus 28.0 percent), Toyota (minus 48.1 percent). The Koreans also went downhill. After ten months, Hyundai is minus 25.1 percent, Kia minus 36.4 percent.

The small vehicle classes remained well below the new registration result from the previous year. The upper middle class (plus 40.1 percent), off-road vehicles (plus 34.6 percent) and sports cars (plus 17.2 percent), on the other hand, saw substantial growth.

The used car market is up

In contrast, ownership changes also developed positively in October. A total of 6,197,155 vehicles changed owners in the first nine months (plus 5.6 percent). At 5,408,585, the car descriptions are 6.2 percent above the previous year. In October, the increase in car owner changes was 549,475, up 11.7 percent on the previous year. The total number of owner changes in October totaled 607,475 (plus 10.0 percent)


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