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New registrations in November 2015: 8.9% plus, minus for VW

Hans-Dieter Seufert
New registrations November 2015
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I ntotal of 272,377 new cars found their way in November German roads. The total number of new registrations increased by 9.5% to 311,580 vehicles. In the course of the year so far, new car registrations are 5.4% above the previous year at 2,958,687. The total new registrations are + 5.2% at 3,455,109.

With a share of 66.4%, the new commercial registrations showed a plus of +7.6% in November, the share of private registrations was with 33.6% even + 11.7% above the result of the previous month.

Smart continues to grow strongly

In November, the German brands were mostly in the black. Smart recorded the strongest increase of all with + 68.0%, followed by Ford (+ 22.6%), Mini (+ 16.4%) and Mercedes (+ 13.6%). VW shows a decrease of 2.0%, but still holds the largest market share with 21.3%.

There was also growth for most of the import brands. Mitsubishi grew by 45.8%, followed by Land Rover (+ 44.2%) and Mazda (+ 31.9%). Lancia (-96.2%) and Alfa Romeo (-15.2%) recorded double-digit losses. The import brands with the largest share were again Skoda (5.9%) and Renault (4.1%).

The previous annual balance sheet sees Smart as the winner with an increase of 79%, Mitsubishi (+ 48.7%) and Jeep (+ 52.1%). The losers include Chevrolet (-88.1%), which have already ceased sales, Lancia (-44.9%) and Toyota (-6.6%).

The used car market is up

The used car market also delivered positive results in November. 582,348 car owner changes provided an increase of 5.3% in November. A total of 637,690 vehicles changed owners in November. The Federal Motor Transport Authority recorded a plus of 5.3%. The used car market is also setting positive signs in the annual balance sheet so far. So far, there have been 6,777,889 owner changes (+ 3.7%), and a total of 7,679,600 vehicles were transferred to a new owner (+ 3.3%).


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