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New registrations in May Top 50: Germany's most popular cars

New registrations May Top 50
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D Triumphant victory for Volkswagen: The VW Golf, VW Tiguan and VW Passat, which pushed the Mercedes C-Class bronze, landed on the winners' podium in the new registration charts of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in May 2019. What is once again striking is the superiority of the Golf at the top: it was registered 18,265 times last month - and the Tiguan “only” 7,349 times in second place. Only in third place is the field reasonably compact together (see table).

Winners and losers in the VW Group

Not only the loss of the podium is annoying for the Mercedes C-Class , but also the fact that with the Skoda Octavia another VW group car passed and now occupies fourth place. And as further bad news for Daimler, the E-Class has slipped enormously by places: from 14 to 22 with 3,506 instead of 3,866 cars sold. But the VW group is also familiar with such developments: the Audi A3 and its sporty offshoots went from 12 to 19, the VW T6 fell from 10 to 18. The Renault Clio fell from 35 to 50.

But where there are losers, there are also winners. These can also be found in the VW Group: The Audi A6 jumps from 15 to 24 with 4,039 instead of 3,059 newly registered cars. The Seat Leon climbs from 29 to 12 and has one of the highest growth rates: 4,326 of the Spanish Golf counterpart were held in May 2,910 copies newly registered. Opel is also one of the winners: 3,822 instead of 2,808 cars mean a jump from 33rd to 16th.

With the Opel Mokka X, the Hyundai i30 and the Seat Arona, we are welcoming three new models to the top in May 50 of the new registration statistics. In return, the Nissan Qashqai, the Opel Crossland X and the Hyundai Kona fell out of the ranking.


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