New registrations in May 2017: Top 50

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New registrations in May 2017
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D the VW Golf again in May 2017 At the top of the registration statistics for new cars is only mentioned here for the sake of order. There was movement in May only behind the Wolfsburg. The VW Passat is back in second place. And the third place on the podium in May goes to a Volkswagen - the VW Polo.

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The Skoda Fabia is the strongest import model in May 2017.
n 18th place Dacia Sandero climbed to 31st place in May. The Nissan Qashqai secures 32nd place for Japan. The first model from an Italian car maker is the Fiat 500 in 34th place. Directly behind is the first Korean with the Hyundai i10. France speaks up in a double pack with Renault Twingo and Mégane in 47th and 48th place. At the end of production, the Skoda Yeti once again set an example at rank 49.

If we had counted it in the cars, the Fiat Ducato would have left a decent scent mark. With 4,808 new registrations, he would be ranked 12th overall. In the previous month, the Italian would have been in 10th place.

In the entire registration year of 2016, 7 models from the VW Group were in the top 10. Of course, the top position was occupied by the VW Golf. The brand brothers Passat and Polo followed a long way behind. The Mercedes C-Class made it to fourth place in the year-end, just ahead of the Opel Astra. The Tiguan continued in 6th place, followed by the Audi A4, Skoda Octavia and the Audi A3. The top 10 were closed by the Opel Corsa.


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