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New registrations in May 2012: Germany's most popular cars

Beate Jeske
New registrations May 2012
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E something has happened with the most popular models in Germany . No, the VW Group continues to mark the top of the car registrations in May 2012 with the VW Golf.

The fact that the VW Passat rolls into second place is also not entirely unusual. The fact that third place goes to the aged Opel Astra in May is worth a line. The Opel can book 7,410 new registrations this month.

Opel Corsa ousts VW Polo

In the previous month there were only 6,198 registrations. Another mention in terms of Opel is the position of the Corsa. The small car made it to 7th place with 5,664 registrations, almost 1,500 more than in the month before. It is remarkable that the Corsa clearly ousted its competitor, the VW Polo, who was otherwise spoiled by success, with 300 registrations more to eighth place.

The Audi A3 was also ousted from the top 10. The compact now only ranks 19th place and had 4,261 new registrations in the reporting month - almost 1,000 fewer than in April 2012 - the upcoming model change will play a major role here. This is also noticeable in the Mercedes A-Class. The compact model rolls into position 31 with 2,715 registrations. In April it was almost 1,000 more registrations and 21st place.

As the most popular model from Japanese production, the Nissan Qashqai ranks in our top 50. The compact SUV takes place 39 and found 2,176 first-time buyers in May.

You can find all models of the top 50 new car registrations in April in our large photo show.


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