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New registrations in March 2012: Germany's most popular cars

Arturo Ruvas
New registrations April 2012
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D he distance between Top1 and Top 50 of the current car registration statistics speaks a clear language. In order to overthrow the dominant VW Golf and Jetta in April, Fiat would have to sell around 15 times more the 500.

BMW 3 Series takes second place

But what is much more important is what is going on directly behind the Golf. There the BMW 3 Series positioned itself very quietly in April and drove a wedge into the VW phalanx of the Golf and Passat. BMW was able to sell 7,907 models of the 3 Series - just 50 more than VW of the Passat. After all, the Bavarians can still place the BMW 1 Series in the top 10, otherwise the VW Group makes the places among themselves. VW Tiguan (9), Audi A6 (8), Audi A3 (7) and VW Polo (4) and Mercedes with the C-Class (6) and Opel with the Astra (5).

Where is the Toyota Auris?

The registration statistics in April are up to 28th place firmly in German hands. Only in 17th place is the first importer, the Skoda Octavia, and in 29th place, the Hyundai i30, the first model of an Asian car manufacturer - ahead of the Audi A1. Only in 42nd place can a Japanese model be seen again. The Toyota Yaris. There is nothing to be seen of the 'golf club' Toyota Auris in the top 50.

All models of the top 50 new car registrations in April can be found in our large photo show.


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