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New registrations in July 2012: Germany's most popular cars

New registrations in July 2012
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G erade the production of the new VW is running in Wolfsburg with a pilot series Golf, because the still current model drives another sales success. There can be no question of a seriously diminishing interest in buying. In July, too, the Wolfsburg-based driver is not only at the top of its segment, but can also shine as a sales winner across all classes. Even if you take both pursuers - VW Passat and VW Polo together, their new registration numbers do not come close to the Golf.

Skoda dominates imports -Models

The Audi A4 models follow in fourth place, although not a VW model, but a group product. Only the Mercedes C- and B-Class in ranks five and six can break through the Lower Saxony phalanx. Behind it comes another Volkswagen, the Tiguan, before another non-group model slips into the Wolfsburg mega-burger with the Opel Astra. The top 10 menu for new registrations in July is rounded off by the Audi A6 and the VW Touran.

The most successful import model is the Skoda Octavia in 19th place. Another follows with the Mini in 24th place. Japan intervenes in 29th place with the Nissan Qashqai, Korea in 32nd place with the Hyundai i30. The French colors appear for the first time in 37th place with the Renault M├ęgane. In July, the top 50 ends with the Skoda Yeti and 1,404 new registrations.

You can find all models in the top 50 new car registrations in July in our large photo show.


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