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New registrations in February 2020 with a clear minus

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New registrations February 2020
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I According to an evaluation by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), a total of 239,943 cars were in Flensburg registered for the first time, 10.8 percent less than in the same month last year. The statistics also fell by 2.6 percent in January 2020. Over the course of the year as a whole, 486,243 first-time registrations of passenger cars mean a decline of 9.0 percent. According to the KBA, both commercial and private new registrations fell by 7.8 and 16.1 percent respectively.


SUVs and off-road vehicles in the red

The rate of registrations for all motor vehicles does not look better in February. 284,932 vehicles got their first license plate, 9.7 percent fewer than in February 2019 and 0.1 percent less than the previous month. From January to February 2020, 570,018 vehicles were registered - a decrease of 8.0 percent.

However, there is growth in some vehicle segments: mobile homes increased by 50.2 percent, the mid-range by 12.4 percent and the utilities by 2.7 percent. The SUVs and off-road vehicles, which were in the plus for years, have to give up in February. New SUV registrations are down by 10.4 percent and SUVs by 4.0 percent.

Quick facts about new registrations in February 2020

  • Petrol share 52.1 percent (-22.0%)
  • Diesel share: 31.6 percent (-13.4%)
  • Electric cars: 8,154 (+75.8%)
  • Hybrids: 30,000 (+ 98.1%)
  • including 8,354 plugins (+279.4%).
  • Average CO2 emissions: 149.6 g /km (-4.8%)

Porsche and BMW with increases

Of the 34 brands In 2020, a total of 24 have a negative sign in the KBA statistics. The losers in the first two months include Smart with a decline of 88.5 percent, Suzuki stands at minus 45.0 percent and Dacia at 39.6Percent decrease. Lexus was on the winning side with a 95.5 percent increase, followed by DS (40.0%) and Porsche (35.0%).

The sports car brand and BMW were the only German brands to compete over the course of the year Decorate brands with positive admission numbers. However, compared to Porsche, Bayern are at a low level of 2.8 percent. Meanwhile, Audi recorded a 10.1 percent decline, Ford minus 18.1 percent, Mercedes was 0.1 percent lousy and Volkswagen minus 7.6 percent.

The used car market is up

In February 2020, a total of 638,944 vehicles changed owners, which corresponds to an increase of 1.0 percent compared to the previous year. At the beginning of the year, 1,344,191 owner changes were observed for passenger cars. Here the plus is 3.8 percent.


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