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New registrations in February 2013: Also in February with a big minus

New registrations February 2013
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I In the second month of the new year, 228,004 vehicles were sold for the first time with a Marked, which corresponds to a decrease of 10.4% compared to the previous year. In the two-month balance, the new registrations add up to 445,665 vehicles (- 9.9%), the new car registrations come to 392,773 vehicles (- 9.6%).

The majority sees red

With the exception of BMW (+ 4.9%) and Smart (+ 5.9%), the new registrations of the German brands were after two Months in decline. Ford (-25.7%), Opel (-14.4%) and VW (-14.0%) suffered the greatest losses.

Jaguar is still on a steep upward path, with a plus of 59.7% after two months. Seat is up 22.8% and Land Rover posted an increase of 16.4%. Mazda (+ 10.6%), Mini (+ 10.1%) and Jeep (+ 10.0%) are also clearly up.

Lancia, on the other hand, are deep in the red (-62.5%), Alfa (-59.2%), Lexus (-52.8%), Mitsubishi (-41.6%), Peugeot (-35.1%) and Suzuki (-34.8 %).

You can find all results in detail in our photo show.

The used car market is up

By contrast, the used car market seems to be slowly recovering after two months. In February, 561,291 owner changes mean a decrease of 3.1% compared to the previous year, but in the total balance so far, 1,188,767 owner changes already result in an increase of 2.0%. The situation is similar with used cars. In February, 507,594 owner changes resulted in a minus of 3.4%, after two months the transfer of ownership of 1,081,660 is already 2.0% above the previous year.


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