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New registrations Flop 50: The slow-moving of 2019

J. Lipman
New registrations Flop 50
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N Nissan and Morgan have to definitely spend one. Of course not due to the fact that their 370Z and 4/4 series are represented in the flop 50 of new registrations in 2019. This is probably not a welcome occasion to celebrate for any automaker. But if you find yourself at the end of the admission hit parade, then at least with a schnapps number. A Nissan 370Z was newly registered 222 times in 2019, and the Morgan 4/4 reached 22nd place with 66 new registrations. Cheers!

Ferrari oldies in the flop 50

For Ferrari it looks Statistics look pretty unfavorable. Of the six models that were only registered once in Germany throughout the year, there are no fewer than four from Maranello. In order to save the honor of the Italians, it must be mentioned that these are models that have long been discontinued (California, 458 and even a 360) and a new launch (F8 Tributo). The former also applies to the Chevrolet Corvette and the Aston Martin Rapide, of which, by the way, only one copy was newly registered in 2018.

2019 was a Ferrari in Germany 360 newly registered. The model expired in 2005.

Other brands and models showed a noticeable consistency. The Lotus Elise, for example, came in 22nd with 75 new registrations; in the previous year it was ranked 23rd with 73 new registrations. The Peugeot Ion defended its 38th place, but needed more new registrations than last year (174 instead of 147). Infiniti sold 89 units each of its Q30 and Q50 series - making position 26 in the flop 50 for both. At Rolls-Royce, the Phantom and the Ghost are jointly in fourth place with twelve new registrations each.

The Cullinan, a success story

Apropos Rolls-Royce: The luxury manufacturer tells the greatest success story in the negative ranking. The Cullinan collected a whopping 122 new registrations in 2019. That doesn't sound like much, but it is a medium-sized sensation if you look at the figures for the other Rolls-Royce model series: They come to 74 new registrations - all together. The Subaru BRZ (176 instead of 111 new registrations), the Aston Martin V8 (165 instead of 98) and the Hyundai Nexo (140 instead of 41), while the Cadillac Escalade (97 instead of 228), the Infiniti Q60 (29 instead of 93) and the Lexus GS (16 instead of 119) had to give way.

Hans-Dieter Seufert
The Opel Mokka was only registered seven times in December. In the year as a whole, the Opel SUV collected almost 16,700 new registrations.

If you only look at December, there are many discontinued models and the usual exotic models at the bottom of the table Model changer. These categories include, for example, the Opel Adam and Mokka models (one or seven new registrations), the small car duo from the VW Group, Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii, or the Hyundai ix20 - all series that normally have a wide arc to make the flop 50.

You can see the December statistics in the table below the text. We have prepared the detailed results for the entire year in the photo show above in the article.

Note: The registration statistics are the official information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into the respective classes is carried out by the manufacturer using a key number. The statistics can also show models that are not available on the German market or that are no longer being built. This peculiarity can occur with the KBA statistics if e.g. foreign vehicles are registered for the first time in Germany or vehicles have a new ID number. received.


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