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New registrations flop 50: The most unpopular cars in May

New registrations Flop 50
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F ür the Toyota Avensis and the Corvette the game is now over. For a while, the two discontinued models still rallied and at least managed to hold the flop 50 of the new registration statistics. But in May no more copies were finally registered. A fate that also overtook the Lada Granta and the sports car designated by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) as the Aston Martin V12.

BMW X7 leaps into midfield

Other models have that Jump in the right direction: Opel Cascada, Ssangyong Tivoli, DS 3, Hyundai i40 and Nissan X-Trail were in the flop 50 in the previous month and have now been sold often enough that they no longer appear in the negative hit list - even if only very tightly. Only the BMW X7 could really stand out. The luxury SUV, which was only registered 53 times in April (21st place), was registered 344 times in May and landed in the middle of the KBA charts.

The Toyota Prius returns to flop 50 in the normal version and as Prius +.

A lot of dropouts also mean some returnees. We welcome Toyota Prius (in the normal version and as Prius +), Suzuki Celerio, Nissan Leaf, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Renault Espace back to the flop 50. And at the same time we are surprised about the durability of some models: The Fiat Doblo also stayed in place 50 stick like the Suzuki Baleno in 48th and the Fiat Fiorino in 30th. The position of other cars has changed, but not the number of new registrations: As many copies of the Subaru Outback were launched in May as in the April, 54. At Lotus Exige the number remained at 11, at Maserati Quattroporte and Infiniti Q50 at 7.

Ssangyong Rodius sevenfold his approval number

But within the flop 50 there arealso success stories. One of the top runners wrote last month: The Lexus GS was registered twice as many copies in May as in April, namely two. The increases are even bigger for the Bentley Bentayga (25 instead of 9 newly registered cars), Jaguar XJ (10 instead of 3), Rolls-Royce Dawn (4 instead of 1) and Ssangyong Rodius, who has just seven times its registration number (7 instead of 1) . Even a VW Golf can only dream of that.

Finally, there is agreement among some manufacturers. The Kia models Stinger and Optima share 47th place with 109 newly registered units. The various Rolls-Royce series snuggle up in places four (Cullinan and Dawn) and three (Ghost, Phantom and Wraith).


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