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New registrations February 2015: The most popular cars in Germany

New registrations February 2015
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K The Skoda Octavia crawls more and more up the popularity scale of German new car buyers. In February 2015, the Czech was already in 6th place in the KBA statistics, making it by far the most successful import model. Otherwise, there are still models from VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Ford in the top 10 new registrations.

BMW 2 series with enormous upward trend

At the top is the VW trio Golf, Passat, Polo. This is followed by the Audi A3 and the Mercedes C-Class as well as the aforementioned Octavia. The other places are filled by the VW Tiguan, the Audi A4, the Ford Focus and the BMW 1 Series.

The Spaniard with the highest registrations is the Seat Leon in 17th place. The Mini as the first Briton follows on 23rd. Japan takes part the Nissan Qashqai at number 28 in the hit list. The Fiat 500 is once again the best-placed Italian and this time comes in 30. Korea follows 38 with the Hyundai i30, Renault represents France in 42nd with the Twingo.

The 16th place for the BMW 2 Series is remarkable . The new van models are likely to have had a significant impact here. The VW T5 is also back in the top 50, in 22nd place. The Mercedes V-Class only achieved 57th place.


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