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New registrations February 2012: These are the sales dwarfs

Jens Katemann
New registrations February 2012
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W hen carmakers hardly sell more than 50 vehicles of one model per month can bring German roads, then these cars usually qualify for the sales dwarfs of the month. They fill the back end of the registration statistics of the Federal Motor Transport Authority and are also rather exotic on the streets. We eliminated the exotic and other outliers from the sales hit list and then examined the back of the chart.

Not all SUVs are a sure-fire success

Lexus is a big hit with premium suppliers on the US market, but the luxury Japanese are having a hard time on the German market. The LS in the upper class is an absolute marginal phenomenon, the IS in the middle class is also not on the beat. Nissan's Infiniti offshoot is similar. Whether M, EX or FX - the brand cannot benefit from the Sebastian Vettel bonus for new registrations either.

The fact that Saab no longer comes up to speed is not surprising after the carmaker's end, Cadillac has come in Germany so far not beyond the exotic status. Renault is also struggling with the latest attempt in the upper middle class, the Latitude, as is Lancia with the subject.

SUVs and self-sellers? Not always, as for example the French duo Peugeot 4007 and Citroen C-Crosser prove.

You can see the 50 models that rank at the lower end of the registration statistics in our photo show.


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