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New registrations by vehicle segment: Bestseller September 2012

Achim Hartmann
New registrations by vehicle segment
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M inis: For the minis everything is still the same. The VW Up confidently leads the segment with 3,302 new registrations, followed by the Smart Fortwo (1,833) and the Fiat 500 (1,708), as in August. However, a new model is creeping up to fourth place. The Skoda Citigo achieved 1,508 new registrations and displaced such established models as the Renault Twingo (1,383) or the Fiat Panda (1,495). The Seat Mii, which is also identical to the Up, reached 10th place with 873 new registrations

Small cars: The predominance of VW among small cars is over. The VW Polo could no longer hold onto first place in September - and not even second. The gold place went to the Opel Corsa with 4,987 new registrations - a level similar to last month. The Mini reached second place and had 4,016 new registrations. The Polo, on the other hand, only made it to bronze with 3,688 registrations. Compared to the previous month with 5,248 registrations, a blatant slump. Especially since the Skoda Fabia with 3,533 registrations is already lurking in place number four.

Opel Astra only in bronze

Compact class: In the compact class is for Volkswagen everything is fine again. 21,763 new registrations give the VW Golf its traditional first place. Anyone who suspects the Opel Astra behind it in September will be disappointed. The Rüsselsheimer only made it to third place and was able to convince 4,910 new car buyers. 5,704 customers chose the BMW 1 Series and pushed the compact Bavaria to second place.

Middle class: VW is also very high in the middle class with the Passat (6,229). In ranks two and three, however, the protagonists swapped. The Mercedes C-Class moved up one place (5,487 new registrations), the Audi A4 (4,960) down one place.

Upper middle class: The ranking in this one The segment for new registrations in September 2012 is BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class. As in the middle class, Audi and Mercedes swap their positions. The admission rate is (4,568; 3,825; 2,422).

Toyota GT 86 overtakes Mercedes and Porsche

Upper class: Once again the 7 Series BMW won gold (729 new registrations), the Mercedes CLS the silver medal(308) and bronze goes to the Porsche Panamera with 251 new registrations, which pushed the BMW 6 Series (247) off the August cookie.

Off-road vehicle: First place among the off-road vehicles is traditionally to the VW Tiguan (4,061). In September, however, the places behind are highly competitive. The Ford Kuga is in second place with 2,909 new registrations, the BMW X1 in third place (2,654). Audi Q3, Mercedes GLK? The two placed from August find themselves behind in 6th place (GLK 2,210) and 9th (Q3 1,427).

Sports cars : Sensation among sports cars - at least a small. The Toyota GT 86 managed to push the Mercedes E-Class Coupé from the sports car throne in September 2012. The Japanese have 635 new registrations, the Stuttgart Coupé only had 528 registrations. However, the proportion of commercial owners is above average at 76.9 percent, which suggests dealer approvals. Mercedes has to accept the second setback in 3rd place. The SLK (334) is out of the top 3. On the bronze spot is the Porsche 911 (397).

Opel Mervia no longer in the top 3 of new registrations

Vans: The Mercedes B-Class leads the van segment in September. 5,801 new registrations speak a clear language if you look at number 2 with 1,661 new registrations (Seat Leon). Just behind is the Opel Meriva (1,607).

Large-capacity vans: Hardly anything new in the large vans: VW Touran, Opel Zafira (4,113 and 2,200) are in 1st and 2nd place. The VW Sharan was still third in August (1,212), but was only able to position itself in 4th place (641). The newcomer to the three is the Ford S-Max with 1,108 new registrations.

Utilities: The VW Caddy is also in first position in August (3,347) and is made in-house tracked by VW Transporter (2,037). Third place is the Citroen Berlingo with 889 new registrations.


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