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New registrations by segment: The bestsellers in November 2017

New registrations by segments
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K lar, as a series winner alone in the compact class with the VW Golf Volkswagen is also at the top of new registrations in November 2017 with six top 1 placements. This is followed by three Mercedes, two Fords, and one Audi and one Fiat each in the other top segments. Nevertheless, the Wolfsburg have to accept some setbacks. In the small car segment, the Ford Fiesta bravely holds its own at the top of the segment, otherwise the established place for the VW Polo.

Where is the VW Polo?

If you drive in the statistics with the index finger down the rankings, you get by with Skoda Fabia, Opel Corsa, Mini, Peugeot 208 and only then in sixth place in the VW Polo. What's going on there? The small car, at the top of the segment in the course of the year with 57,628 registered units, was down 52.0 percent in the month under review. That is the negative peak value in this vehicle segment. The model changeover plays an important role here, certainly also the emissions scandal. In the coming months, the quota will be put into perspective, then also visible in the approvals for commercial owners, which is currently 56.2 percent and will be higher with the new introduction. A little fun fact on the side: The Skoda Fabia in second place in the small car category has to admit defeat to the Fiesta for a new registration.

What about the Opel Astra?

Also with the If you look for an old friend in the top 3 in vain for a compact car, the Ford Focus and Opel Astra tried to catch up with the unassailable Golf, but in November the Opel ekes out its existence in fifth place. With a minus of 27.2 percent. After all, in the course of the year he still remains in third place, but here too with a minus of 11.7 percent.

While the places in the middle class and the upper middle class are similar compared to October, the one loses Upper class, the S-Class takes its top spot on the Audi A8. There is an even stronger rumble in sports cars. Here the Ford Mustang wins the gold medal again and relegates the Mercedes E-Class Coupé and the Porsche 911 to their places. The Audi TT, in third place in October, disappears entirely from the podium.

Where does the Dacia Dokker come from?

Another interesting turn came with the utilities. VW Transporte and VW Caddy swapped places, but in third place holds exactly 1,000 new registrations, an increase of 415 percent compared to the same month last year and oneCommercial owner quota of only 16.7 percent of the Dacia Dokker move-in.

You can see all top 3 models of new registrations by segment in the photo show.


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