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New registrations by segment in March 2019

New registrations according to segments
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D as The Federal Motor Transport Authority puts the new car registrations in March 2019 at 345,523 cars. The 2019 result is only 0.5 percent below the same month last year. The largest segment is the compact class with 20.9 percent, with SUVs being very close at 20.2 percent. The off-road vehicles contribute a further 9.2 percent. So the bottom line is that the “off-roaders” are clearly dominant with 29.4 percent of new registrations.

In the case of the minis, the Fiat 500 can clearly maintain its top position. But the Opel Adam moved up extremely to second place in March. The VW Up remains in third place. The VW Polo ranks further at the top of the small car segment. Behind, however, two new pursuers have positioned themselves with the Mini and the Skoda Fabia. VW Golf far ahead of the Ford Focus is the order in the compact class. The new third was the Skoda Octavia in March.

VW Passat moves back to the top

In the middle class, the VW Passat took the crown back in March 2019 after a short dry spell. Behind them are the Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-Class. Standstill in the upper middle class: The A6 from Audi remains in front, ahead of the Mercedes E-Class and the BMW 5 Series.

In the upper class, the S-Class was able to turn the tables and swapped places with the CLS, who is now only in second place. The BMW 7 Series came third. A look at the SUV segment shows VW's new bestseller. The T-Roc can maintain its top position in March. Behind it are the Ford Kuga and the BMW X1. When it comes to off-road vehicles, too, the Tiguan is a VW at the top. New on the podium is the Audi Q3, which displaces the Q5. The BMW X3 remains third.

Sports cars have a new king. In March, the Mercedes E-Class Coupé is once again in first place. The Porsche 911 and the Audi TT follow in place. The Mercedes B-Class remains dominant in the minivans and the VW Touran in the large-capacity vans. Third places were newly occupied in both segments - with Ford C-Max and Seat Alhambra respectively.

There was no movement in the Utilities and mobile homes.


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