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New registrations by segment: Bestseller in September 2019

Hans-Dieter Seufert
New registrations according to segments
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A he admission offices also traditionally rule towards the end of summer no excessive operation, which is why the new vehicle registration statistics in September 2019 are significantly below the rate of the previous month. In August the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg had recorded 313,748 new registrations, in the current reporting month there are only 244,622 vehicles with new license plates. Nevertheless, this number means an increase of 22.2 percent compared to September 2018 - no wonder, because the WLTP changeover caused a significant dent this month.

If you look at the registration statistics according to the individual vehicle segments, This shows that Volkswagen and its brands in the top 3 places are being attacked hard by the competition. Would you like some examples? Voilá!

Where is the VW Polo?

In the Mini segment, the VW Up slips from third to fifth place and has to admit defeat to the Hyundai i10 and the Renault Twingo . When it comes to small cars, the Opel Corsa, the Mini and the Skoda Fabia took the first three places in September. And where is the VW Polo, which was previously in second place? It can also be found in fifth position, right behind the Ford Fiesta. In the month under review, the Opel Corsa alone was able to bring twice as many models onto the market as VW's Polo.

Of course, the namesake of the compact class, which is not called the Golf class by chance, remains on top Cookie. But: While the Seat Leon was still in number 2 in August, we find the compact Spaniard in eleventh place this month. And the third-placed Skoda Octavia also had to admit defeat to the Opel Astra in September and slipped to fourth place.

Panamera only sheet metal

This is also inside the middle class of the Audi A4 , which was in second place a month earlier. One segment higher, in the upper middle class it is again Audi. Here the Ingolstadt-based company has to give up the top rank for the Audi A6 and be satisfied with the bronze medal in September.

In the upper class, there is also a VW brand. The Porsche Panamera no longer ranks first, does not reach second or third place. The Zuffenhausen-based company only ranks fourth in the month under review. One place behind is the Audi A7, which was previously in third place.

Crash for the VW T-Cross

The VW T-Roc loses the top one among the SUVsPlace on the podium and take a step down, but the T-Cross falls down the stairs quite painfully because the Polo SUV only lands in 15th place in September. The Audi TT also crashes in a similar manner in the sports car category because for him it goes from two to nine. The Seat Alhambra then slips from three to five and the VW Transporter is no longer at the top of the Utilities category, which has to admit defeat to the VW Caddy - after all, a VW-internal swap.


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