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New registrations by segment: Bestseller in May 2019

New registrations according to segments
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A also the BMW 7 Series is top in the luxury class and the Porsche 911 in the sports car. The small car segment is fiercely competitive, the leaders take turns here every month. In May, the Fiat 500 can claim the place in the sun for itself. 3,233 new registrations put a stop to the VW Up (2,977 new registrations) and the Opel Adam (2,962 new registrations).

Golf remains Golf

Meanwhile, the small car sector is firmly in the hands of VW. The Polo is at the top with 4,916 new registrations and puts the Opel Corsa (4,395) and the Ford Fiesta (4,293) in place. The compact and golf class remained true to their name in this reporting month. The bestseller from Wolfsburg is concreted on the top step with over 18,000 admissions. Behind them, Skoda Octavia and Ford Focus are panting for recognition with only a third of the Golf registrations.

The VW Passat also held up the flag of the Wolfsburg family in the middle class, at least in the reporting month. The Mercedes C-Class was only able to achieve just under 400 fewer new registrations. Third place goes to the Audi A4.

Audi A6 instead of E-Class

The Mercedes E-Class is often seen as a set in the upper middle class. Not so this month, in which the Stuttgart-based driver has to be satisfied with second place. The Audi A6 has around 500 more approved models. With 3,106 new registrations in third place, the BMW 5 Series comes to a halt.

The S-Class is subscribed to the throne in the luxury class - actually. But in May 2019 the 7 series thwarted the bill. 421 new registrations are only enough for the Mercedes to take second place, while Porsche achieved third place with 377 models registered for the first time with the Panamera. And the 7 series? It is now - nomen est omen - seven vehicles ahead of the S-Class.

VW dominates the SUV - and the SUVs

The order of the SUVs remained the same in May. The VW T-Roc can keep the BMW X1 and the Ford Kuga at a distance. When it comes to off-road vehicles, a VW, more precisely the Tiguan, is also at the forefront. The Audi Q3 and BMW X3 follow clearly behind. The battle for the sports car crown is primarily characterized by the fact that the Mercedes E-Class Coupé is at the forefront, but according to purists it does not belong in the segment. Now, in May, a true athlete has established himself at the front. the Porsche 911. Number three in the league: the BMW Z4.


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