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New registrations Brazil 2022: The top 50

In the land of sugar loaf, carnival and numerous football icons, people love small cars - also as limousines - and pick-ups.

In 2022, the Brazilian car market will not recover from the low into which it fell in 2020. At the time, new registrations fell by almost 27 percent and have since leveled off at just under the two million mark.

In 2022, new registrations in the categories passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, which include the pick-ups that are so popular in Brazil, are also in this window in the annual balance with 1,957,699 units. The decline compared to the previous year is 0.85 percent. Passenger cars alone increased by 1.22 percent to 1,576,960 cars. Light commercial vehicles, on the other hand, lost 8.58 percent to 380,739 vehicles.

Fiat leads, GM follows

Market leadership across both categories is Fiat in Brazil with a market share of 21.97 percent. GM follows with 14.89 percent in second place ahead of VW with 13.75 percent market share. Toyota (9.77%), Hyundai (9.59%), Jeep (7.03%), Renault (6.47%), Honda (2.9%), Nissan (2.74 %) and Peugeot (2.13%). Remarkable: The Chinese brand Chery, with a market share of 1.79 percent, leaves the likes of Citroen (1.64%) and Ford (1.06%) behind.

If you only look at the cars, GM (16.76%) is just ahead of Fiat (15.49%) and VW (15.2%). In the ranking of light commercial vehicles, Fiat (48.82%) clearly dominates ahead of Toyota (12.77%) and VW (7.73%).

They have to be small

Absolute favorites in the land of samba and football are small cars, also in limousine form. A certain SUV boom can also be clearly seen. At the top of the ranking in 2022 is the Fiat Strada - a small pick-up - with a clear lead. Second place goes to the Hyundai HB20, followed by the Chevrolet Onix in a double pack as hatchback and sedan. The VW with the most registrations in Brazil is still the Gol in sixth place.

Large and expensive cars are in short supply

Larger or even more luxurious car models can only be found under more. The absolute favorite is the BMW 3 Series, which has a total of around 5,550 new registrations. The Mercedes C-Class only comes to just under 1,100 new registrations. The air is even thinner in sports cars. Porsche is the market leader with the 911. 614 copies were delivered to Brazil in 2022. 330 orders are for the Ford Mustang. Porsche was able to sell 241 units of the electrically powered Taycan.


The South American market in Brazil, which will remain below the two million mark in 2022, is into compact models with hatchbacks and small sedans. Pick-ups, which are considered practical commercial vehicles, are also in demand. Big cars are in short supply.


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