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New registrations August 2021: e-car manufacturers cheer

In August 2021, 193,307 new cars were registered, 23.0 percent fewer than in the same month last year. Only five brands can look back on a positive result in August. Electric car manufacturers in particular have scored points in the annual balance sheet so far.

While in June 2021 new car registrations were still above the registration year 2020 marked by Corona, in July 2021 it was already below the previous year's level. A trend that continued in August. A total of 243,081 motor vehicles were newly registered in August, which corresponds to a decrease of 21.1 percent compared to the previous year. In the case of passenger cars, 193,307 new registrations led to a slump of 23 percent

In the first eight months of 2021, new vehicle registrations totaled 2,262,304 - an increase of 3.2 percent compared to the same period last year. In terms of new car registrations, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has recorded 1,820,589 new cars in the year to date. That is 2.5 percent more than in the previous year.

While in August 2021 only Suzuki (+37.2%), Tesla (+33.9%), Mazda (+19.3%), Opel (+7.9%) and Ssangyong (+0.5%) ) can post positive signs, the annual statistics look much better. Here, only 15 brands are below their previous year's result, but 20 are above it. Particularly clear: the pure electric car providers. Polestar shoots the bird with an increase of almost 400 percent, Smart increases by almost 145 percent and Tesla by a good 120 percent. A look at the other German car manufacturers reveals a thoroughly positive picture. Only Ford and Mercedes are struggling, with registrations falling by 26.1 percent and 15.4 percent, respectively. The data for the other German automakers: Audi (+0.3%), BMW (+4.2%), Porsche (+11.9%) and VW (+10.9%).


Minis are growing, SUVs stay ahead

The only segment that was able to increase new registrations were the Minis (+ 18.0%). Their share of new registrations was 7.0 percent. There were declines in the other segments, which were the case for large-capacity vans (-48.5%), utilities (-44.9%), the upper middle class (-43.1%) and mini-vans (-42 .5%) were the clearest. Despite a decline of 8.4 percent, SUVs were the segment with the largest share (27.2 percent), followed by the compact class with 18.6 percent (-30.1 percent) and small cars with 13.4 percent (-33.5 percent). %).

Significantly more PHEV and EV than diesel

The petrol engines remain absolutely dominant in new registrations. 35.5 percent of new cars were equipped with a petrol engine (68,598 /– 41.8 %), only 17.7 percent of new passenger car registrations were the formerly popular diesel vehicles (34,171 /– 50.8 %). Alternative drives are still on an upward trend. Vehicles with hybrid drive (60,720 /+ 31.5%) achieved a share of 31.4 percent, including plug-in hybrids (24,497 /+ 43.3%) with a share of 12.7 percent. Pure Electric Vehicle (BEV) (28.860 /+ 79.5%) were able to report a share of 14.9 percent.

The gas drives continue to eke out a niche existence. Only 0.4 percent of new passenger car registrations are cars powered by liquid gas (711 /– 8.1 %) and only 0.1 percent of new cars are powered by natural gas (199 /– 69.8 %). Average CO2 emissions fell by 18.2 percent and amounted to 114.6 g/km.

The most important details of the new registrations August 2021:

  • Gasoline share: 35.5% (- 41.8%)
  • Diesel share: 17.7% (- 50.8%)
  • CO2 emissions : 114.6 g/km according to WLTP (- 18.2%)
  • The used car market is slowly recovering

    The used car market developed inconsistently again in August and in the year to date. In the reporting month, 672,995 motor vehicles changed owners, 8.0 percent fewer than in the previous year. 579,443 changes of ownership for passenger cars also result in a drop of 8.0 percent. In the annual statistics for 2021, the used vehicle trade at the end of August was roughly at the same level as the previous year. In the first seven months, 4,565,302 cars were transferred to a new owner. The minus is 0.3 percent. 5,367,138 transfers of ownership for all motor vehicles result in an increase of 0.4 percent.,


    The new car market suffered another strong setback in August and thus fell further behind the previous year's figures. After all, the annual statistics for new registrations are (still) in the positive range and the used market is also at the previous year's level.


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