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New registrations August 2015: Sales dwarfs of the month

New registrations August 2015
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A lpina from Buchloe is a fine, but also small automobile manufacturer. The output of the Allgäu who finds its way onto German roads is correspondingly manageable. Almost all Alpina series are at the lower end of the registration statistics. Aston Martin is doing similarly, whose models also remain very exclusive.

On the other hand, models from real mass manufacturers can also be found in the approval basement. VW is represented with the Jetta and Eos, Fiat with Bravo and Sedici (both already discontinued), Opel with Agila (also already discontinued) and Ampera, Renault with the Koleos and Hyundai with the Veloster.

Nice You can also see that BMW was able to bring as many i8s onto the German roads as Ferrari from the 458 and Lamborghini from the Aventador. Renault Laguna and Ferrari California as well as Aston Martin Vanquish and Peugeot 301, for example, are at eye level.

You can find all models from the basement of new registrations in the photo show.


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