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New registrations August 2013: The most popular cars in Germany

New registrations August 2013
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W while at the top of the list of the best-selling cars in Germany too If there was no change in August, there was plenty of movement in the squares behind. The top seller on the German market remains the VW Golf, which, with its new registrations of 15,391, is well above all pursuers. But behind the compact is not the Passat, as has often been the case, but the Audi A3. The podium is completed by the 3 Series from BMW.

The top 10 are then filled by the VW Polo, the Mercedes A- and C-Class as well as the Audi A4, the VW Passat, the 1 Series BMW and the Opel Corsa.

Mercedes E-Class slipped far

Once again the Skoda Octavia was the import model with the highest registrations who secured 15th place. Together with his brand brother Fabia in 17th place, he grapples with the clearly slipped Mercedes E-Class. Seat continues to be successful with the new Leon, which brought the Spaniards 20th place in the August hit list.

As a Bavarian Briton, the Mini was right behind in 21st place. Italy intervenes in the top 50 with the Fiat 500 in 26th place. Japan, Japan, Japan - yes, it is also represented - with the Nissan Qashqai in 30th place. The colors of Korea and France can be found for the first time on ranks 35 and 36 with the Hyundai i20 and the Renault Clio. Romania intervenes with the Dacia Sandero in 37th place. Also remarkable is the 48th place for the Ford Transit /Tourneo, which ranks only 10 places and almost 260 registrations behind the VW bus.

You can find all top 50 models in the registration statistics from August in the photo show.


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